Author Topic: Buy Generic Modafinil Online ツ Without Prescription (BITCOINS ACCEPTED)  (Read 362 times)

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Modafinil is a smart drug that has been creating ripples in the medical industry as the perfect pill for reducing extreme sleepiness caused by sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. You can now easily buy generic Modafinil online because the rights for the patent issued to Labaratoire L. Lafon by the FDA expired in 2015. Other pharmaceuticals, notably Sun Pharmaceuticals from India, have already manufactured and distributed the generic version of the drug to the market.

Modafinil does not cure sleep disorder but rather manages the condition by preventing sleepiness. For sleep apnea, the dose is one pill per day, preferably in the morning. For shift work sleep disorder, it is one pill per day (or as directed by a doctor) before the patient starts the work shift. For people who do not suffer from these disorders, they buy generic Modafinil to enjoy an enhanced cognitive capability. See below for more information on how Modafinil came to be known as the ?Wall Street drug? and is a hit among students, professionals, and entrepreneurs