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Auction Etiquette
« on: October 23, 2012, 11:29:50 pm »
Here are the guidelines for the Auctions section:

Include the following things in the start of your topics:

a) A starting bid price, which is highly recommended to be the minimum amount the seller would be willing to take unless you want to start very low.

b) A minimum increment between bids if the seller wants to, it's usually a good idea - especially with bitcoins since otherwise someone could technically outbid another by 0.0000001 BTC which is annoying and lame. 

c) Entirely optional and possibly added after it's been going for a bit, an Auto-Buy price, basically the equiv of eBay's Buy it Now.

d) Length of auction, or auction end date (including time zone).  It is recommended to add a link to a countdown timer, for example if you click here to see a countdown to end sometime in 2015.  This is a very accurate way to tell people when the auction ends so there is no confusion.  We may integrate this functionality in the future.  You can also choose to have the auction end date extended by X number of hours/minutes since the last bid if it goes past the end date.  Just specify your local auction rules in your thread clearly.

e) The currency of the auction, you can list things in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), US Dollar, Euro, or other currencies.
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Re: Auction Etiquette
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thank, I guess many people are in need of this information, the main thing is to make them read it, lol - bitcoin buy/sell classifieds forum

Re: Auction Etiquette
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