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[Meet-up] Melbourne CBD: Wednesday 23rd May 2012
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Bitcoin Australia is having their first meet-up on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 in Melbourne.

We are going to a great tapas restaurant on Little Flinders called Terra Rossa.

This meetup isn't going to be very formal.  While a few people will like to show off their Bitcoin projects (and other cool related projects), this will be done informally.  I will be brinig a few Casascius Physical Bitcoins as give ways.  Also I will be helping host the food.
Bring your wallet, both your cash one, and your Bitcoin one... As it is very likely that you will be able to do some in-person trades.

Since we are going to a good Melbourne restaurant, please dress smart.

After finishing up at Terra Rossa we will be heading to E55 (55 Elizabeth Street) for the after-party.  This night will be having a selection of chilled breaks, beats, and drum-and-bass.

Please come along, and invite friends.

Also can you please either PM me that you will be attending, or respond to our Facebook event, particularly for catering purposes.

For more info and RSVP: founder