Author Topic: Great Fictional Tales Await  (Read 1826 times)

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Great Fictional Tales Await
« on: July 18, 2012, 02:11:54 pm »
The Darktongue Fictional Quarteerly Magazine As "artists" we are able to see potential in the ordinary. Our thought processes are different from others, as we so proudly proclaim. We are the gypsies, bohemians and avant guardians of our own creativity. We are the unspoken, the outspoken, and the voices inside our own heads... sometimes even yours.

Most fiction as well as non-fiction books written about art/fantasy have authors who analyze rather then experience. The archives they create.. the worlds given life become filled with lushy art-speak and textbook jargon. They end up being concerned with the guns and not the shots fired.

The Darktongue attempts to see the artistry in the everyday. There is no discretion or worry by us of wordplay. The gallery is out in the open for all the world to see. And she is a tactful display of a humans mental capability.

The concept of The Darktongue is to amerce Readers into an eclectic world of fiction not unlike our real world. Then become re transformed by what is produced in words or images. Ether/Or you are apart of something major. This edition is made up of the best of the best in our thrilling and suspenseful fictional tales.

 The Stories In Are: Time And Time Again, Waiting Room Trapped In Time The Old Bombay, Waiting On Ashes, A Minor Spirit Problem, From The Far Out World, Neon Ocean Nobodys, The Delicious and the Lucky, The Graveyard Tenet and Sundowners

The reader may gather more then just thrills and chills form these tales. A little romance, a little drama, a whole lot of action and some comedic candor might bleed through. all it takes is a little imagination

There is no thesis nor is there a beginning, middle or even an end. The tales we tell will take you into a world of love, rage, lust and suspense. The tales are thrilling, you will experience something that's truly once in a life time.. Just remember.. The journey without a destination can be the most fulfilling one.

Just a Quick Reader Review

This book directs its focus to the young-minded thrill-seeker who loves a mentally stimulating piece of work. Each story is packed with chilling insight into the far depths of the human mind, and each explains a different version of a twisted Reality. The stories begin by starting in the middle and relinquishing just enough control to draw The Reader into the mind frame of the Narrator. The details are embedded in an ocean of mind-altering concepts: slow and steady reading is strongly recommended.


The authors have proven to be very talented writers in the area of abstract concepts; it seems as though they, themselves, are unsure where Reality stops & Fiction starts. It's quite compelling to read their interpretations of this "Reality vs. Fiction". These authors seem determined to make The Reader question their own "Reality". One recommendation that I would make to the authors is to edit their pieces more thoroughly, as without proper punctuation, it is more difficult to grasp the full effect of the story. This book is an excellent source of short stories & I wouldn't be surprised if they were made into episodes of "The Twilight Zone".

- Lindy B

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