Author Topic: 1920 acres of mining rights up for sale very good initial testing done  (Read 1452 times)

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Probable Reserves of 6,095,200-million ounces of gold or total reserves of $8 Billion at $1474 oz. Mining companies in the same sector have reported 0.1 oz/pt to 4.0 oz/pt and the mine is located down-drainage from numerous historical mines, prospects, and shafts, placer and lode gold mines in the 1860’s by small scale shallow placer’s and large scale operations. There are mining company’s in the same sector near the Town of Wickieup, Cal Cal, Hibernian, Intl Star, they have done extensive assaying in and around the Big Sandy mines with 43-101 assaying reports on their mines.

Location and Access:
Big Sandy mines consists of three (3) square miles (1920-Acres) of unpatented placer mining claims, Bureau Land Management land with all annual fees paid up till 31st Aug-2011., North of Wickenburg and south of Kingman 50miles Big Sandy mines accessed via well maintained gravel and dirt roads e.g. Cedar Mine Road with excellent access off Highway 93. Big Sandy mines are in the main stream dry wash area from the Haulapia mountains to the west washes down flood plain material continually, and expect high value material to mine. Power is easy accessible. Well/Water on site.

3 X 640-ACRE PARCELS TOTAL TONNAGE 123,903,990 (41,301,333-PER-640-ACRES)
@ $1475 LONDON FIX P/OZ # running SB-Falcon concentrators 200 t/p/h
100-TON = $7,375 @ 0.05 OZ/PT
$7375 PER 100-TON
$1010 LESS
TOTAL $6365** PER 100-TON
PAY PER TON $063. 65
PER-HOUR $12,730 200-TON
10-HOUR-DAY $127,300.00 2000-TON
6-DAY-WEEK $763,800.00 12000-TON
45-WEEKS $34,371,000.00 540,000-TON
TON/PA OZ/PA Gross Production Costs NET
540,000 27,000** $39,825,000 $5,454,000 $34,371,000

Geologic indications show Alluvial sand gravels are from 60’- 120’ feet in depth and average 80’ in depth for The Big Sandy mining claims which contain an estimated 247,800,000 yards. Evaluation of the property with a metal detector showed gold values are present both in drainages and in numerous trenches on the property, which are up to 60’ deep. We have reduced by half the depth 40’ (feet-depth) and consequently the tonnage by half to 41,300,000-tons per 640-acres with total tonnage for 1920-Acres = 123,900,000 @ 0.05 oz/pt = 6,095,200 ounces @ $1475 = $8-Billion in reserves. With geological values reporting 3.0 oz/pt down to 0.1 oz/pt by other mining company’s in the same sector we have been conservative with our estimate of reserves on our Big Sandy mining claims.

The permit for unpatened claims is Bureau of Land Management (BLM)(Arizona). A Plan of Operations and NEPA analysis are required. There are no anticipated impediments to BLM permitting, although open pit mining it is recommended environmentally processes should be used. No over burden or clay to excavate keeping the mine a low cost operation.

Several Mining company’s in recent years and historical mining have been in production at Wickieup over the years while gold was at a low many ceased or mothballed their mines, with the price of gold once again heading ever higher their will be renewed activity & the Big Sandy mining is well placed next to Highway 93 to exploit this opportunity.