Author Topic: Super Miner (Bitcoin Mining made EASY)  (Read 1693 times)

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Super Miner (Bitcoin Mining made EASY)
« on: May 21, 2013, 02:28:44 pm »

    Do you wish to start mining bitcoins?
    Let me present to you Super Miner which ultimately makes Bitcoin mining easy!

    Why does Super Miner exist?
    You could call me a tech noob and im fine with that. I dont know how to code, I dont know hardware and how to compare it, I dont know how the mining pools are set up and I dont know how to customize software to do the things more tech skilled people do. I found out about bitcoins and wanted to start mining them. I asked my tech friends to help me and it inspired us to put my learning process about it into a project so we could share it with everyone!

    Best of mining clients – Put into a GUI – For everyone
    What I do know about bitcoin mining is that you want to mine as many bitcoins as possible. In order to do so you need the best of mining software. My tech friends gave me the tip to use CGminer. Apperently it’s the best one and it auto-tunes its settings aswell! The problem that I had with this client was that I did not understand how to use it. CGminer required both configuring and scripting to start mining. I'm just a guy with a neat PC and a big graphics card. What I really wanted was to download a client, install it and press a button for it to work. Super Miner does exactly that, by using a GUI (graphical user interface).

    There is one other miner that uses a GUI, GUI Miner. The problem with this miner is that it does not use CGminer as a foundation which means it is not as powerful as the other mining clients... 

    Super Miner however, ultimately, is the best of two worlds. Built on the good but complex code of CGminer but packaged in a simplfied easy to use and clean interface.

    • Download, install, use. No hassle
    • Auto-tuned settings
    • Ensured code which antiviruses does not find strange or treat as suspect
    • Mimize to system tray
    • Clean simple UI inspired by an easy to play and easy to love game, Super Mario.
    • Uploaded at were everything else you need to know about mining bitcoins is put under “one roof” such as basic infromation, the QT-wallet, links to several mining pools, bitcoin markets and so on.
    In the future
    We hope that you can appreciate our work and our desire to share it with other fans of the bitcoins network and our wish that more people join in to support it. We also wish to improve Super Miner and add more features like:
    • Auto restart when encountering errors or problems
    • Use backup pools when the current one your working on for some reason goes down
    • A right click menu in system tray
    • Support more mining-pools
    • The possibility to mine other digital currencies like litecoins

    A contribution to the further improvements of Super Miner is more than welcome and can be donated to:

    How do I get started?

    Or join us at Twitter & Facebook
    #Bcsuperminer /Super Miner[/list]