Author Topic: Make Bitcoins Fast - Indexing site for "faucets", simple gambling, etc.  (Read 1843 times)

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Hey guys,

I noticed when browsing through the forum that there are tons of sites that are just looking to give away FREE Bitcoins, but that they are all listed in many different places. In a hope to give some organization, and rank people's favorite sites, I've created a site, Make Bitcoins Fast, at which I have attempted to list all the Bitcoin faucets, some simple gambling sites, and other ways to make easy Bitcoins (like CoinURL and Feed Ze Birds.)

The listing is dynamic and based on how many people have clicked on each link, so the more popular sites should be listed first.

Check it out, tell me if I'm missing a site, and enjoy!

Also, if you are interested in advertising on Make Bitcoins Fast, simply use Operation Fabulous.

John Maguire