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FeatherCoin - New Litecoin based coin
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The FeatherCoin client is now available for Windows and Mac.

FeatherCoin is a fork of Litecoin diving back to its 0.6.3 build. I am a supporter of Litecoin and will be following Coblee’s releases. The Litecoin team is working on a newer release and this project will move with them.

The joys of a Litecoin fork, are that we get to use Scrypt and follow a release designed for specifically for it.  There are a lot of Bitcoin forks but with the advent of ASIC miners we are starting to see how much havoc they can cause. To give us GPU miners shelter we need Scrypt based coins, as, in my opinion, Litecoin is currently the only valid one. Litecoin being as mature as it is makes it hard to join in the fun so let’s start with a new coin that follows Litecoin’s tradition.

FeatherCoin has a block reward of 200 and will have a total of 336 million coins. This makes it four times that of LiteCoin, this is the same position that LiteCoin was set against BitCoin. There is no private preming of this coin.

Default port is 9336, forward this port for better connections though it will work without it.
Default RPC port is 9337, this is the port is point your miners towards.
Difficulty changes every 2016 blocks.

This coin is in beta like all cryptocoins.

GUI Version for Windows -
GUI Version for Mac -
Windows Daemon -
Source Code -

Pools - Stratum only - stratum+tcp://
FC Simple Pool

CryptoCoinExplorer - Thanks to dreamwatcher founder

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Re: FeatherCoin - New Litecoin based coin
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Re: FeatherCoin - New Litecoin based coin
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