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New Markets

Dear clients, new markets are available for trading:


You can find details following this link this link >>>

Wishing you good trading! :)
Spend Bitcoins / Re: Use Bitcoin & Litecoin for buying Cashu Vouchers
« Last post by BuySellVouchers on February 18, 2018, 04:50:54 am »
Use Bitcoin & Litecoin for buying Cashu Vouchers!

Buy & Sell Cashu Vouchers at

About Cashu
Short description of the system:
Cashu is an Arabian system of payments, which is widely spread in countries of near East region and in Northern regions of Africa. As for today, this system is getting more and more popular also in European countries. Also this system is spreading in CIS countries.

With help of this system of payments, individuals get a chance to pay for goods they buy and services they receive in international internet stores (like ITunes, Abu Dhabi Media Company, Xbox Live, Sukar and more), to pay for browser online games, telecommunication services, VoIP communication services, make transactions on Forex Trade and make many other payments.

Replenishing account in Cashu system is possible via prepaid cards, credit or debit cards, from special payment reception places. Also, to replenish users account, Cashu vouchers may be bought.

System has implemented high level security measures, so anonymity of financial operations is guaranteed.

Cashu voucher
Cahsu voucher is a unique combination of numbers, which can be used in order to pay for some goods or services in the same way, as Cashu wallet.
Voucher like this confirms that its holder has certain amount of money. It may come in handy if he must pay somebody for goods or services with electronic currency of this system, but he is not its client.

In this case buying Cashu voucher online is the best choice, buyer can settle with seller of product or service with no problems. Cashu voucher may be bought on our website from resellers of the system.

Besides paying in internet stores, these vouchers may be used for other different purposes, for example, to buy VoIP operator credits, to transfer funds abroad, and so on.
To purchase Cashu vouchers contact one of our agents, presented at

Here you can see the offerings of the current Cashu Vouchers:
3 working prototype / #blockchain #work agreement

___ - Security and certifications / Temme Sikkema
CEDEX is generating buzz around the world! Read the latest articles about the company in addition to those published on the CEDEX Platform. You can find articles in multiple languages, such as Portuguese and Indonesian.
? The original hard cap was 100,000 ETH. However, due to the recent rapid shifts in ETH/USD rate, CEDEX has decided to cap the dollar value to be sold during the Token-Sale at $40 million USD. According to this adjustment the value of 1 CEDEX Coin will not exceed 80 cents.
? As the Hard Cap for the Token-Sale will be published in ETH, prior to the event, on March 14, 2018 08:00 GMT, CEDEX will be locking and publishing the final ETH amount to be sold in the token-sale.
Read a recent article:
Webinar #2: Project updates, transparency and tech Q&A -

This week another call with Grain CEO Onno Hektor and Erik Koster.
In this webinar, we covered:

- Transparency during the token sale
- First wave of scammers
- An interesting review by Coin Bloq
- Security and certifications by Temme Sikkema:
- Insights from the tech teams
- And a tech Q&A
CEDEX  Bringing Blockchain Innovation To The Diamond Industry

You see, there are some very good reasons that diamonds don?t have public markets that resemble those of similarly valuable commodities like gold and silver. The three biggest of those problems are a lack of liquidity, lack of transparent pricing, and lack of standardization. Blockchain technology provides a solution to two of those problems - the lack of liquidity and transparency. Meanwhile, CEDEX's proprietary machine learning algorithm, the DEX, brings a new level of transparency and standardization to individual diamond pricing.

Read more here:

CEDEX fuhrt erstmals die Blockchain-Technologie in die Diamantenindustrie ein

CEDEX heisst der erste zertifizierte Blockchain, der rein auf dem Diamantenhandel basiert. Ziel dieses Projekts ist es, Diamanten zu einem offentlich handelbaren Vermogenswert zu machen und eine Brucke zwischen der veralteten und in sich geschlossenen Diamantenindustrie und neuen innovativen Finanzmarkten zu bauen.

What Is Syscoin? Cheaper Bitcoin Alternative Receives Millions In Funding

Backed by the Blockchain Foundry, Syscoin recently received more than $3.3 million in funding. According to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency is currently valued at about $0.63 and has a market capitalization (the amount of fiat currency invested in it) of more than $335 million.
Read more here:
MonetaryUnit team Latin America hitting teleSUR [pan?Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network] in Venezuela.
Just a heads up. A scammer has created a FAKE Cedex twitter account and is spamming about an airdrop that does not exist. They have posted a form as well, including an address asking for ETH. This is all a PHISHING ATTEMPT, DO NOT click any of those links!
Bitcoins for Sale / Exchanges / > Buy/Sell/Exchange > + News
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Attention for business owners!
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