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Dear members

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How fast are deposits on

Bitcoin deposits are fast as our system processes them automatically and are being credited to your account right after our system gets 3 confirmations from the bitcoin network. A USD bank wire transfer typically takes 2-5 business days to reach our account. SEPA transfer deposits are much faster as EUR payments come directly within 2 banking days. All deposits are processed and credited right after receiving.


What is is a trading platform/system for crypto-currency such like: Bitcoin and Litecoin with many advanced features including buy, sell and exchange. also offers a 24/7 hour online exchange that provides the instant and automated matching of orders between its registered members. provides an easy, secure, and affordable exchange for you to buy and sell Crypto-Currencies.
Your reputation hides within your mobile phone

A mobile phone is your friend, business assistant, a way to connect your dear ones, and even a boss sometimes if you set the alarm on. However, what if your phone can be a reputation tool able to give you an access to the services never available for you before?

MicroMoney, a global fintech blockchain company and lending services provider, has found a way to turn a mobile phone into a tool to build and prove your reputation that can make a revolution in the lending and many other industries. They designed a new scoring system based on all data received from a mobile phone and analyzed by machine learning and artificial intelligence tools. Therefore, the company does not need any paper documents from its borrowers and no collaterals, by the way. A customer should just complete an application form within a special mobile application. By ticking a certain box in the app client agrees to process and assess all the data from his or her mobile phone. The system approves a loan and sends the money to a borrower?s e-wallet.

That seems to be much easier and simpler way to get a loan, isn?t it? However, behind the scenes are some sophisticated technologies making all the work done. One of them is neural networks technology.

When the agreement received, the system gets all data from all the sources available from a mobile phone: contacts, messages from banks, all the information from the user?s social accounts and even games and apps downloaded and the music playing often. Almost everything. The system compiles all these components and processes them through neural networks and Big Data tools, assigning each piece of data some points of a credit score, drawing an individual picture of a person applying for a loan.

Has a job? High points. Has the same job in the online application form completed and in your Facebook account? Higher points! Listening to hip-hop? Fewer points (sorry, hip-hop fans). Completes the form very slowly, doubting what to write in each field? Very low points.

Then the system counts all the points achieved altogether. If the score reaches the certain rate set by the company, the system approves the loan automatically and sends the money out.

There is no way to cheat the system. For example, if a client gives false information about age, occupation or loan purpose, the system will check all customer?s accounts to compare the data given and in case they are different a client will get a lower score or even a signal for the AI to reject the application immediately.

With the ability of the company?s system to capture data, the company can be secured and work conscientiously with responsible borrowers, who get benefits from using this application. And this way obviously makes it convenient for both.

It?s time to think about a new role for your mobile phone and start to respect it as a key to your reputation asset!


The​ ​first​ ​AI​ ​chatbot​ ​token ​ever

Website ? Telegram ? Medium ? Twitter ? Facebook
Bounty Campaign

Token name and ticker symbol: MiniApps Token (MAT)
Token sale starts October 18, 2017 00:00 GMT
More Details Coming Soon. is on track to open its Ethereum-based token crowdsale is the new generation chatbot platform built around the concept of decentralized network of template developers, clients, hosting providers and partners. It is a platform with API and web-constructor that enables quick creation and launch of mobile services and chatbots available via the Internet messengers and other channels like mobile web and USSD/SMS with support of AI technologies.

Chatbots have already established themselves as efficient channel in many communication systems and proved their value for business. However, chatbot development requires multiple skills and resources most small enterprises do not have. goal is to aid small and medium businesses to integrate advanced Communication and AI technologies into their processes and benefit by expanding their market presence. Thank to, that reduces the costs of chatbot adoption and support, more than 100 million MSME around the world will get easy access to new generation of chatbots and improve the quality of their customer service.

Unlike most startups, platform is a commercially proven product with several successful implementations in corporate market.

The token crowdsale is planned to gather funding for fast business scaling by building worldwide partners? network, further product development and marketing of the platform focusing on MSME segments and emerging markets like India, South-East Asia, China, Russia, Africa, Latin America followed by expansion to advanced markets. tokens are ERC20 compatible Ethereum based smart-contracts. Tokens supply will be limited to 20 mln.

Official Links

Media mentions/News

Token symbol

What is it?
1. Ethereum ERC20 compatible token
2. A means of access to the additional smart-contract functionality, such as:
?   register mini-apps in MiniApps search engine;
?   obtain partner discounts;
?   publish templates in a marketplace;
?   create and run referral campaigns;
?   access to the templates marketplace;
?   access to MiniApps Core services

Token price during Token Generation Event
1 MAT = 0.01 ETH

Issuing volume and conditions
1. During the Token Generation Event, no more than 20 million tokens will be issued on the Ethereum platform as standard ERC20 tokens.
2. No more tokens will be issued after the Token Generation Event.

Token availability  tokens (MAT):
?   become available immediately during the Token Generation Event via Ethereum smart-contract;
?   purchase and transfer become gradually available over a 15-day period after the end of the Token Generation Event by means of smart contracts

Token distribution
50% of tokens will be distributed to the participants of Token Generation Event
35% of tokens will be reserved for partners, community grants, and the bounty campaign
15% of tokens will be reserved for the MiniApps team

Funds raised during the Token Generation Event will be kept in the multisig wallets, according to industry standards.


Token sale start/end date and time
Start - October 18th 2017, 00:00 UTC
End - December 19th 2017, 00:00 UTC
Earn Bitcoins / Keypad warriors, here's the best site for you!
« Last post by bigwig22 on September 21, 2017, 05:58:46 pm »
Here you can view ads and get paid 0.10$ per ad!

The captcha is just 4 numbers and you can go as quick as you want!

You can chose to get paid in Bitcoin, Credit Card, Paypal, etc.
Spain / Re: (Bitcoin, Litecoin...)
« Last post by ecoin on September 21, 2017, 11:23:49 am »
?Qu? exactamente es Bitcoin?

Desarrollado en 2009, Bitcoin (BTC) es una divisa digital o cripto-divisa, que ha revolucionado el mundo llegando a ser la primera divisa online, disponible para ser vendida y transferida entre particulares y compa?ias, sin intermediario. Esto significa que los usuarios de Bitcoin pueden vender Bitcoins uno al otro sin tener que usar los procesadores de pagos, tales como un banco, lo que ofrece la libertad de comprar, vender, transferir y negociar de la forma que uno prefiere. De forma similar a las divisas fiduciarias tradicionales, Bitcoins se reconoce en calidad de un leg?timo m?todo de pago. Para m?s informaci?n, por favor, revise la secci?n ?Como funciona? en la p?gina oficial de Bitcoin

M?s :

?Qu? es es una plataforma mercantil/sistema de cripto-divisas, tales como Bitcoin y Litecoin, con muchas funcionalidades avanzadas, inclusive compra, venta e intercambio. tambi?n ofrece los servicios de 24 horas de intercambios online, que proporcionan la selecci?n instantanea y automatizada de pedidos entre los miembros registrados. le proporciona un intercambio f?cil, seguro y accesible, para comprar y vender las cripto-divisas.
Investments / Re: MicroMoney starts a $1,000,000 token distribution campaign
« Last post by AgentSmith12 on September 21, 2017, 07:11:33 am »
MicroMoney launches the new tool for credit scoring based on Big Data and neural networks

MicroMoney, a global fintech blockchain company, announced the launch of its updated scoring system which is based on Big Data tools and neural networks. The company uses these technologies in the process of loan applications approval in its lending services line of business.

The system works with all the data from a borrower?s mobile phone gathered after a customer completes the online application form within the MicroMoney?s mobile app and agrees to give the company access to personal data. MicroMoney?s solution uses thousands of alternative data points from multiple sources, combined with the sophisticated algorithms to return accurate results.

After a customer completes the application form, a loan can be approved in literally two clicks and within some minutes. Behind the scene is sophisticated technology which is able to quickly come through in analyzing process over 12 thousand points of data and the results available in seconds. Those are data from the user?s social accounts, contacts, financial transactions, searches in search engines, and even the music a customer like and a time spent to complete each field in the online application. The process returns results instantly, wherever the user might be.

The results will be in numerical form between one and a thousand, allowing the system to approve the loan application automatically after a set amount is reached. The scoring system not only evaluates each parameter found but uses social network information to confirm a customer?s name, date of birth, employer, school or university degree and contact details.

The scoring mobile application designed to help the clients to apply for a payday loan within a few minutes without any collaterals or paper documentation required. At the same time, the neural networks technologies help the company to process applications quickly and efficiently aiming to improve customer service, to reduce fraud and default, and to cut costs.

?We were able to empower our scoring system with adding data of more than 500 thousands of customers in Myanmar to make it more accurate. In Big Data industry, the more data you can gain the more precise results you can achieve. Our margin depends on the exact risk rate we can forecast, so the scoring system is critical for our core business?, says Anton Dzyatkovskii, the MicroMoney?s co-founder.

The company also works with neural systems for its call center operations. For example, all the scripts used in sales, customer care, and debt collection are based on neural networks allowing to improve their preciseness and effectiveness while keeping and analyzing customers questions and responses to the operation manager?s speech.

If a person allows sharing personal data with other companies, all the information is available for them to access and interpret via simple integration with the secure APIs. The Big Data and neural networks platform allows businesses to serve an even larger customer base with the growing smartphone penetration worldwide.
Bitcoin Swag / Physical 5Bitcoiner coin for sale/auction
« Last post by King777 on September 20, 2017, 05:38:51 pm »
As the topic states =) Fire away with offers or pms!
Modex is a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem that allows for easy, user friendly access to crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike. Developers can leverage Modex to monetize their skills and offer Smart Contract solutions to end-customers and contributors. The real-world community can easily find Smart Contracts that meet real-world needs, are already audited and secure, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects. Modex makes deployment of Smart Contracts significantly easier, faster and more cost-effective, speeding up blockchain technology adoption.
**The MDX Token**
The MDX token, based on ERC20, is the utility token for the Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem. All blockchain services and product features within Modex will be paid for and remunerated in MDX. In the upcoming ICO Modex will be issuing MDX tokens that can be used to pay platform service fees, make smart contract purchases and gain access to a complete suite of APIs for decentralised transactions.
**The Concept**               
Modex?s Smart Contract Marketplace combined with Modex?s payment ecosystem will allow for easy, user friendly access to blockchain technology -- crypto-currencies and smart contracts alike.
While some smart contracts will be very technical and highly specialized, requiring entire businesses to be built around a single sophisticated contract, many others will not be. Modex?s smart contract marketplace will be the Smart Contract App store for developers to upload and sell their work, and for buyers to purchase them. The Modex Smart Contract Marketplace will support APIs for 3rd party apps to integrate with, so that smart contracts can easily be deployed through an ecosystem of apps that enable buyers to deploy smart contracts and solve real world problems.
**How Modex Works**
1. A developer creates a smart contract to publish on the Modex Smart Contract Marketplace -or- they can receive a commissioned project from a Modex buyer. There is no listing fee for smart contracts.                                                       
2. Modex will let developers choose to open source their work for peer-review and pen testing -or- select from proven auditors who they can trust. In either case, auditing and pen testing will be rewarded by MDX token bounties.                                                       
3. The contract will then be deployed in the store -or- to the client who commissioned the work.                                                       
4. Buyers will be able to purchase, using MDX tokens, the use of the smart contracts listed in the Smart Contract Marketplace.         

**Why an Initial Token Sale**:
The Modex team already has substantial funding and market traction in place. This is evident considering that the Moneymailme multi-currency wallet is in commercial use with a growing international user base and there is a multi-crypto currency update scheduled for release later this fall. Additionally the recently launched M3 payments gateway services is now ready for commercial use.
Modex recognized a clear market need and opportunity to bring this ecosystem together with the smart contract marketplace; building on top of our existing applications for an easy path to deployment. Moreover,it did not make sense to continue pursuing traditional venture capitalists. Token sales offer a myriad of additional benefits, for both the investor and user communities alike.
Modex?s product philosophy and marketing philosophy mirror one another, as both closely track social trends. Our marketing approach is all about community engagement and empowerment, through an organized ecosystem of developer tools, consumer applications, and incentives. Given that there are a number of other great organizations who are working to address the very real liquidity challenges (e.g. Comit, Bancor, etc), that we can simply partner with, Modex can focus its efforts on the smart contract marketplace to bridge the gap between businesses, developers, and real-world users. The applications and smart contracts empowered by the Modex marketplace will increase blockchain adoption and our team has previous experience working in this space.
We are confident that our approach will significantly advance market adoption for smart contracts, blockchain technology, and thus cryptocurrencies alike, serving many in need around the world.

**Token Sale Official Website**: Visit Us At:

**Token Sale Schedule**:
Modex Official Initial Coin Offering ?ICO? Announcement: September 8, 2017 Modex Pre-Sale: September 28th, 2017 (open to the public)               
Modex Initial Coin Offering: Starting October 8th, 2017 (open to public) Modex Pre-Sale: Sept. 28th 2017
The pre-sale event will be open for 10 days, starting at 9am Central European Time CET.
Modex Initial Token Offering: October. 8th 2017
The initial coin offering will be conducted over 30 days, in 3 stages. Every ten day cycle the token price will increase. The 30 day event will start at 9am Central European Time CET. Once the first ?stage? is complete the next stage will begin, following the conclusion of that 24hour cycle. Therefore, if the first stage completes within the first 2 hours, the next stage will begin at 9am the next morning.

**Sale Process & Pricing**:
During the token offering of Modex?s MDX we will accept: Ethereum, Bitcoin, All ERC20 Tokens, and many other cryptocurrencies listed on our webpage. Private sales will accept fiat currency. Participants in the private sales and pre-sale will be subject to a lock up period, where their tokens are delivered over time, following the completion of the ICO.
When a contributor sends ETH, or BTC to Modex, upon the funds being received in Modex?s wallet, Modex will then take a spot price (from CoinMarketCap) of the cryptocurrency that was sent to Modex, and it will convert the cryptocurrencies value (at the spot price) in USD. and allocate the corresponding amount of MDX tokens to the contributors wallet.
Tokens will be delivered to the purchaser upon completion of the Initial Token Offering. Any unsold tokens will be ?burned?.                       

**Team and Partners**
We are a team of experienced professionals spanning numerous industries. Our core expertise includes banking and financial software including formers from Oracle, Unisoft, Temenos, and Deloitte. Our team and advisors have built and exited various successful startups, held senior positions in top Fortune 100 companies, with a collective experience that spans a variety of industries including (but not limited to): telecom, tech, retail, wholesale, mobile & Commerce, entertainment, marketing services, and of course the blockchain industry. 

**Past Experience**
Developed as a design driven innovation project on the blockchain infrastructure, evolving from Moneymailme, the award winning ? Best Social Payments App in the UK?, the Modex platform is a decentralized payments infrastructure that leverages access to the blockchain with ready-to-use integrations and APIs.
Introduce Yourself / Hello from David and Lisa at CryptoRival!
« Last post by CryptoRival on September 20, 2017, 11:01:10 am »

We're excited to launch a brand new website, CryptoRival!

We're aiming to become a one-stop-shop for all things bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We've been busy reviewing cloud mining services, we've made a comparison table so you can easily compare them side by side and we've written reviews of currency exchange sites to buy and sell digital currencies.

We've spent some time making profitability calculators for bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and many more. These are designed to help you decide if mining bitcoin is profitable for you based on several factors which you can enter into the calculator. It will then give you your profit in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly breakdowns, as well as how long its going to take for you to break even, considering your initial costs. Be it your own mining rig or your cloud contract cost. We've recently started making a frequently asked questions page on our website, This is to help everyone from complete newbies to experts, with any questions they might have. Have a question, let us know and we can add it!

We'd wanted to reach out to the bitcoin trading community to get feedback on the site. What's missing, what do you think of the site, what features you want to see and anything else you want to tell us.

The website address is - you can contact us there, reply to this thread, our we are online on Twitter, Facebook and lots more.

The CryptoRival Team  :)
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