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Dear friends!

We are happy to introduce our new Anybits project. It is a crypto-to-crypto exchange with 15 most popular cryptocurrencies available for trading.

You can log in using your Bitsane login and password. 

Bitsane Team
The end of the centralized entertainment industry
By Ashley Turing

The way we engage with content is changing. In a little over 10 years, we?ve gone from Blockbuster video ? remember the days of VHS and ?Who taped over the wedding with the football?? ? to Subscription and Netflix Video-On-Demand (SVOD the ?S? is for subscription). There?s no question that access to content has improved, but we are beginning to see new problems with the digital entertainment model. The centralized internet behemoths are replicating many of Hollywood?s bad old practices that exploit through a lack of transparency. We have come to accept this behaviour as normal, but not for much longer. Today we now have the technology to help change the dynamic.
Read the rest here:
BlockChain Summit London ? November 28th.
Presenting CEDEX at 13:45 ? 14:05 in room 4. Drop by Booth B54 to learn more
Public Whitelist Ending Soon and BIG Crowdsale Announcement!
Register for the Whitelist in order to participate in the Crowdsale!
Read all the details here:
Other Digital Currencies / Re: : Public sale is NOW LIVE!
« Last post by vindyne8 on November 19, 2017, 09:57:37 am »
Public Sale update after first 51hrs now.
3,292.47 ETH raised so far, worth $1,178,473.78 USD. Closing in on $9,200,000 USD total including presale.
Other Digital Currencies / Re: : Public sale is NOW LIVE!
« Last post by vindyne8 on November 18, 2017, 10:51:31 am »
Public Sale update after first 28hrs now.
3,028 ETH raised so far, worth $1,014,380 USD. Closing in on $8,500,000 USD total including presale.**

Purchase Steam Gift Cards by Bitcoin & Litecoin!

Buy & Sell Steam Gift Cards at!

Steam Gift Cards Where You Can Instantly Access Thousands of Games!

Instant access to thousands of games; plus you can thoroughly enjoy lavishing deals; the cloud saves, the automatic game updates and notifications; and the other great perks! With Steam Gift Cards, you can add money right to your Steam Wallet and feel the pleasure at all of your favorite PC, Mac, and SteamOS games.

You can just create and share content at the same time. Give it as a gift to your friends; make some trade of items, and even create new content for the games right in the Steam Workshop. And you can also help to shape the future of your favorite games. Isn?t it amazing?

With Steam Gift Cards, you can be social! You can join the community as easy as it takes. Meet new people; by joining game groups; you can also form your clans; chat in-game and much more! And there is a summation of over 100 million potential friends or game rivals coming from all around and across the entire world. Indeed, the fun never stops with Steam Gift Cards.

The entertainment scattered at any time and any place. Whether that you are on your Personal Computer or PC, Mac, Linux Box, mobile device, or even just with your television, you can fully enjoy the benefits of the Steam as you can take the fun right with you!

The real question is how you can purchase the Steam Gift Cards and enjoy a whole lot more of it? You can try to visit the Best Buy, GameStop, GAME, 7-Eleven, EB Games, or even your favorite retailer for the Steam Gift Cards.

But wait, do you want a less hustle, fast and reliable purchasing of your Steam Gift Cards? The has great news for you and surely a deal that you cannot afford to miss! Right now, the is offering the Steam Gift Cards with any value denomination, right at their gift cards section ( Just simply visit, and you can purchase it anytime, anyplace in the world!
Plus wait, there is more! You can also purchase your Steam Gift Cards at using your Bitcoins, PerfectMoney, Litecoins, AdvCash and the other e-currency. And you can also use different exchange platforms and payment system upon purchasing your Steam Gift Cards.

Here you can see the offerings of the current Steam Gift Cards products:
Livetree Adept Interview with Ashley Turing | ICO Review
Armed with the learnings from the success of its current platform, LiveTree is now ready to launch ADEPT
(Advanced Decentralized Platform for Transparent distribution). The new platform supports projects throughout
their entire life cycle, from creation through distribution to funding. It is a model that not only reimagines LiveTree?s
existing operation, but the entire creative, film, TV and content industry.
Cedex bounty program is live!

Register for the Presale Whitelist

All You Need To Know About CEDEX
A quick 101 about CEDEX  - the first certified blockchain based
diamond exchange.
Meet Saar our CEO, who will give you a quick run through about the project.

PRESENTING CEDEX - Fintech Tel-Aviv Meetup
Saar CEO presents CEDEX at the Fintech Tel - Aviv Meet-up in November 2017

The public salebegins Friday Nov 17 at 1200PM UTC (that's now!) and runs until  to Dec 10  at 1200PM UTC.
Use ONLY the site to register for and take part in the sale.
Be aware that there may be phishing sites - after many of them have been destroyed -  so be very careful. Take your time, and make sure you are using the correct site and wallet address.
Here's some written instructions for participating in the sale:
Here's some video instructions for participating in the sale:
Go Spectre!
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