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Will this change trading forever? SPECTRE?s CEO reveals all
Investments / Re: MicroMoney starts a $30,000,000 token distribution campaign
« Last post by AgentSmith12 on October 17, 2017, 03:26:14 pm »
You can meet Anton Dzyatkovsky, co-founder of MicroMoney here  next 3 days.
More information about the project you will find folowing the link :
3 is a gambling game, standing on a very simple question - What would be the last digit of the block hash that includes your transaction? Players guess last digit of the block hash and bet on that. If the guess is correct, player gets back 16 times of the bet amount.

Frequently Asked Questions :

I sent Bitcoin to the generated address, but the transaction is not displayed. Why?
Do not worry. If the transaction does not appear immediately, it will appear as soon as the confirmation is received.

My transaction is confirmed, but the system still does not show it. Why?
The transaction will be visible as soon as it receives 2 confirmations.

My transaction has been confirmed, when will the winner be determined?
As soon as all 16 bets from 16 players are made.

Can I send more bets?
Yes, you can make multiple bets on different block numbers.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of Bitcoin that should be sent?
Yes. You must send a flat rate of 0.005. All bets that are above or below this threshold will be considered a donation.

What is the benefit of this service?
This service charges a commission of 7% of the winnings + network transaction. You lose Try again, you could be lucky! Congratulations, you won! Your winnings are automatically sent to your Bitcoin address.

For those here who are new to the story and want to get dirty with the numbers and forecasts, this 1 hour webinar where the management team walk you through the dynamic forecasts model available on is well worth looking into
Ist es sicher anzuwenden?

Ja, es ist sicher! Es geh?rt zu unserem Hauptziel, pers?nliche Kundendaten absolut sicher und gesch?tzt aufzubewahren. Wir treffen gro?e Vorkehrungen in Bezug auf unser Sicherheitssystem in unserem System und ?berwachen st?ndig alle Aktivit?ten. ist mit Comodo SSL-Zertifikat mit 2048-Bit-Signaturen und bis zu 256-Bit-Verschl?sselung gesch?tzt, was bedeutet, dass SSL-Zertifikat den m?glichst hohen Schutzlevel f?r unsere Kunden anbietet.


Was ist ist eine Handelsplattform (ein System) f?r Kryptow?hrungen wie Bitcoin und Litecoin mit vielen fortgeschrittenen Funktionen inklusive Kauf, Verkauf und B?rse. bietet auch eine 24/7 St. Online-B?rse an, die eine schnelle und automatische Abstimmung von Bestellungen unter seinen registrierten Mitgliedern gew?hrleistet. stellt Ihnen eine einfache, sichere und finanzierbare B?rse zur Verf?gung, um Kryptow?hrungen zu kaufen und zu verkaufen.
Version 0.1.1
With every new version we do our best to make our product perfect. There will be a lot of updates for our PBX in the near future.

Read more:
Show and Tell / What do you think about Upfiring?
« Last post by ProductMonth on October 14, 2017, 05:52:12 pm »
This is their website:
They are currently in the process of building the Desktop app which should be released in Q4 of this year. Their project is pretty unique - it's similar to SoulSeekQT and uTorrent, but uses the blockchain and Upfire tokens (UFR) to compensate seeders when their files are downloaded. As far as I know, it's a unique concept that isn't being done by any other projects in the crypto space.

Purchase Webmoney Paymer by Bitcoin & Litecoin!

Buy & Sell WebMoney Paymers / Vouchers at!

About WebMoney Paymer

Webmoney Paymer is relatively young service which provides different settlement operations in online. Program is credited to all modern requirements for safety and comfort.

With the payment system of Webmoney Paymer you can easy pay for purchases made in internet online shops as well as for any services provided to you, all that you can do at any time that is convenient for you.

Service includes two very crucial sides of modern life?s payment system features, namely high reliability and simplicity. These are the reasons why Palmer is becoming stable ground for payer and for payee.

On the website you will notice that it is designed to be intuitively understandable even for people who have never made money transfers by using internet.

If you possess ticket from Webmoney Paymer then it is very simple to do payment for any product. Only one thing have to be done - is that you inform seller of the code and number of that ticket. That can be done by any desired mean of communication, for example: phone, ICQ messenger, email etc.

With such ticket you can pay off not only from distance but also by handing it over to receiver of funds.

If you wish to, you can emit your own tickets for Webmoney Paymer and use them for payments. To emit ticket of certain value you need to transfer money, for instance, from WebMoney or payment card. Ticket as a WM-card can be purchased for cash.

Service has been made to be very safe for users, to defend them from fraudsters and provides complete guarantee to maintain any information fully confidential including personal data, payment history, bank card details etc

To provide high level of safety, system is using latest achievements from field of encryption, transfer and data storage on servers.

Technical support service Webmoney Paymer works twenty four hours a day what provides users with qualified advice at any time about any questions which are related to the work of system.

Amongst the most important advantages of Webmoney Paymer is worth of pointing out few things.

Firstly, it may be used by anyone for payment in any software environment regardless of time and territory.

Secondly, it is advantageous financially. Payment for creation of the ticket is just 1% from its value. Users also do not lose any money by transfer.

Lastly, Webmoney Paymer is a system of immediate online settlements what allows to pay or to receive money within seconds.

What is Webmoney Paymer?

Webmoney Paymer is a software-hardware service of Webmoney electronic money system, which lets controlling payment obligations, which, in this case, are electronic checks.

Service allows making, checking, exchanging, merging and satisfying checks like this.

Webmoney Paymer check has its nominal value and in general it?s a numeric code of specific length. All operations with checks, except creation, are commission-free. During the creation of the check, commission is one percent of checks created during one year of service.

What are these checks for?

Any Webmoney Paymer check can be used for mutual settlements in Online mode, by the way, in case if Paymer is used, there is no need to launch Webmoney client and conduct all the standard procedures.

For example, with these checks client can pay for his purchases in internet-stores, for some services and so on. Buyer only has to choose the product he needs and specify Webmoney as the way of payment and then choose ?Other ways to pay? in the menu.

Here you can see the offerings of the current WebMoney Paymer products:
Spectre: Crowd Pooled Forex Trading
The new kids on the blockchain, Modex, announces Initial Coin Offering in Financial Times Arab Banking and Finance report today
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