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LinuxCoin! A dedicated OS for Bitcoin! Download it here FREE!
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LinuxCoin v0.2b is a small Debian Wheezy based OS created just for the bitcoin community. Linuxcoin has been designed with the average user in mind and everything is super simple to start using  / mining bitcoins.

I wanted to add that in no way LinuxCoin is just for mining ! It's also been designed with the bitcoin user in mind. You can easily encrypt your home folder and protect your precious wallet.dat when offline. LinuxCoin included everything for you to buy / sell goods and trade coins safely and not worrying whats being left on your computer. Unplug your flash media and the computer is just how you left it. You coins are stored on the flash media and cannot be accessed by anyone else even if they got hold of your stick. Providing you choose a strong pass phrase for your user !! Lots more info on password strength here ..


For the people that have and probably will ask Cheesy the root account has no password, you will have to set it yourself.

user: user
password: live

AMD SDK License

You need to accept the AMD SDK license before you start mining. Just click AMD License located in system on the menu.

PXE scripts
LinuxCoin 0.2.1b now contain everything that is needed to act as a PXE server and distribute itself over a network to as many computers you desire. The scripts make it super simple to get everything up and running in a matter of minuets. Make sure you cram as much ram as you can afford into your nodes for stability.

BitLotto's BOTG script

BOTG - Bitcoin Off-The-Grid
A tiny little script that uses openssl to create a private key along with a matching Bitcoin address. When run off of a Live CD environment, a very safe location for storing BTC can be created. Running on a Live CD with no Internet ensures no virus or malware can get the private key. The script will create a private key and present it in two formats: Hex and Base58. Either format can be used to access the matching Bitcoin address and helps provide redundancy in case one is copied down wrong. After copying down the keys and the matching Bitcoin address the user is advised to reboot the computer. Keeping the key "off-the-grid" or off any computer means no viruses or computer security lapses will jeopardize your BTC. No backups or encryption is needed. Any money you send to the matching Bitcoin address will be safe. The only way to steal the BTC would be to steal the key directly off of where it is written down. Therefore, it's best to keep the paper somewhere safe where it can't get destroyed or stolen.

Other uses could be:
-pre-loaded cards/tickets that are redeemable
-sending BTC when you are not sure who is going to receive it such as geo cache locations
-scratch cards or draws that are done at parties where everyone gets tickets with unknown amounts
-give BTC to someone and you don't know their Bitcoin address

To spend the BTC the private key has to be manually imported into a wallet. Once imported regular security precautions are needed. There are just a few utilities for importing keys but they are becoming more common. Online wallets may soon add the feature to "redeem" private keys.

To run:
Code: [Select]
cd /opt/BOTG

Code: [Select]

Encrypting your home folder !!

Wiki Page thread
Installation tutorial
Headless LinuxCoin tutorial

Download LinuxCoin v0.2b from us!

Download LinuxCoin v0.2b from us! FASTER MIRROR

YouTube tutorial

Download UNetbootin from us!

Alternatively you can download the persistence files, there are 3 files: = 1/2GB = 1GB = 2GB
Place the unzipped file onto the root of your memory card and reboot. (The root of the stick is where all the ubn* files are.)
Download persistence from us!

You can contact drag33n on bitcointalk and he will make you a USB preloaded with LinuxCoin for 2.5 BTC or make custom builds.
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Re: LinuxCoin! A dedicated OS for Bitcoin! Download it here FREE!
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Re: LinuxCoin! A dedicated OS for Bitcoin! Download it here FREE!
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