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Mincoin! The altcoin with 1-minute blocks!
« on: April 26, 2013, 09:45:16 pm »
Copy of OP:

    Announcing MinCoin, digital BRONZE to BitCoin gold ! If you weren't an early adopter for BitCoin or LiteCoin here is your chance to become one for the fastest coin out there!

    Windows 32bit binary:
    MinCoin (MNC) - a minimalist version of Bitcoin optimized for CPU mining using scrypt as a proof of work scheme.
    *Only 10 million coins total will be generated
    *1 minute block targets for ultra fast transactions
    *To encourage early adoption block values for first 3 days are :- 500 MNC, 100 MNC, 50 MNC
    *After first 3 days block value will be 2 MNC per block until all coins mined which will take roughly 10 years
    *Retargets 2 times a day
    Mining started at 12:20 GMT April 3 and was announced on IRC and the WWW not long after. There is no premine!
    10000 MNC for the first exchange
    10000 MNC for the first pool to adopt it(Paid to Vipah for Nice Job Vipah !
    5000 MNC for the second pool to adopt it
    Help getting started
    Solo mining:
    Run mincoin.exe or compile the source from github. It should close down immediately after not finding a valid config file.
    Go to %appdata%\mincoin directory and create a file called mincoin.conf . In this file add two lines
    Then save the file. Or you can download the file from here and place it in the same directory:-
    Now run mincoin.exe again.
    Run CGMINER or REAPER and point it to with the username of "user" and password of "pass"
    If you use CGMINER set the flag "--expiry 1" option to make sure you avoid stales, ie
    cgminer --scrypt -o -u user -p pass --expiry 1

***Update***  Mincoin Mining Pool And Link To MNC GUI Client !!!

On the vircurpool web site there is a link to a compiled windows version in case anyone here wants to use it. Tested in my virtual machine and it's working good, virus scan passed too.

Got from this page.

***Note,  I am NOT the creator of this currency just posting this for informational purposes*** ;D founder