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aVanityGen: Vanity address generator for Android.
« on: August 19, 2012, 02:32:13 am »
Pretty awesome little mod!  Now you can use your cellphone to try and find your vanity address for bitcoin! 

He hosted it with a free file host, which is annoying and you have to deal with ads so I have hosted it here on!

Click to download ->

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Not sure if any similar apps exist, but I made one anyway. Realistically you'd never want to generate a vanity address on a phone since it is slow, considering phones are not fast as PCs, but now at least if someone ask if there is a vanity address generator for Android, we can say yes.

I suppose now you are wondering if this app is safe. I can say it is, but just to assure you guys, most of you Litecoin miners used to use my binaries of pooler's litecoin miner and I could've put malicious code anytime I wanted, but did not(there was once a false positive warning of a trojan in the libcurl library, precompiled, which I had downloaded from a website I found in the official links on the curl website, but that was it).

In case you are still paranoid, use a traffic minitor to see that it does not make any outgoing connections OR simply do not use the app .
Also, while the app does not require any permissions some are forced on the apk by default.

The application is still Alpha but is in a working state, however I do not encourage you to use the addresses untill I am sure that the OpenSSL library I am using does not have any security flaws. Speaking of OpenSSL I am providing my own, but the phone might use the ones that come with Android by default, hence why it might not work on 2.3 and lower. I can confirm it works on my Samsung Galaxy SII running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3. Post on which it does not.

The address generating part is in native code to maximize performance, but still needs tweaking.

Download link is I would've used mediafire but they now require registrstion to upload. In case the link does not work, do tell me.

Planned features:
*Support for alt-chain addresses.
*Creating wallet with X keys.
*Show elapsed time as well as estimated remaining time.

If possible, please post your speeds(keys per second) as well as phone models and firmware version.

SGS2: 50 keys on avg going from 51 to 55.

Oh, and if you like this app you can also donate to 1Pyoo8853NbukncfMFeh4fhi3SawsZVMeY founder