Author Topic: Bitcoinium version 1.3.2 - Android Bitcoin Monitor (Exchanges + Pools!)  (Read 1984 times)

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Easily monitor Bitcoin price on MtGox ( and Canadian Virtual Exchange ( directly from your smartphone!
☆ Compact widget that displays the following information:
• Price of last trade
• Lowest price last 24 hours
• Highest price last 24 hours
• Volume of last 24 hours
• Time of last data refresh (Green for successful, Red for unsuccessful)
☆ Support for all MtGox currencies *NEW*
MtGox can be displayed in any of the following currencies:
- EUR - Euro
- CAD - Canadian Dollar
- GBP - British Pound
- CHF - Swiss Francs
- RUB - Russian Rubles
- AUD - Australian Dollars
- SEK - Swedish Krona
- DKK - Danish Krona
- HKD - Hong Kong Dollars
- PLN - Polish Zloty
- CNY - Chinese Yuan
- SGD - Singapore Dollars
- THB - Thai Baht
- NZD - New Zealand Dollars
- JPY - Japanese Yen
☆ Price Alarm Notifications. Always be the first to know when a drastic change in the market occurs using notifications on your phone. Can also enable notifications to have sound and vibrate to make sure you don't miss your opportunities.
☆ Plot price during the last week in a clean and simple graph. Now scroll and pinch-to-zoom enabled
☆ Customizable widget refresh intervals and power saving mode to reduce battery usage
☆ Get Mining statistics from DeepBit and BitMinter mining pools on your Bitcoin miner
☆ In-app Orderbook with with liquidity highlighting *Can now be customized*
      • Less than 10 BTC will appear RED
      • Between 10 and 50 BTC will appear YELLOW
      • Over 50 BTC will appear GREEN
☆ Charts from multiple sources and current orderbook view-able within the application
Please support development of this app by donating to 1yjDmiukhB2i1XyVw5t7hpAK4WXo32d54
*Bitcoinium Prime will get new updates and features sooner than the Ad-supported version.*

Bitcoinium (Free/Ads)
Bitcoinium Prime (Donation/No-Ads)
GitHub repo:
Donation address: 1yjDmiukhB2i1XyVw5t7hpAK4WXo32d54


Main screen, ability to select exchange

MtGox main currency selection. Supports all MtGox currencies

Home screen fulled with widgets of different currency

Mining stats with choice of BitMinter and/or DeepBit

Price graph. Scroll and Pinch-to-Zoom enabled.

Orderbook with liquidity highlighting. Values are adjustable founder