Author Topic: iPhone Bitcoin Wallet "Blockchain" app alternative! [Non-jailbroken]  (Read 2235 times)

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Hey everyone, so I heard a TON about the infamous "Blockchain" app where you can access an online bitcoin wallet from your iPhone.
The site seemed trustworthy so I imported my wallet there and I really enjoyed the site.. Their app, however, I did not.
As some of you might know, they decided to remove the wallet feature because apple was being as whiny as usual.
Blockchain has a mobile site, and I don't know, but I really don't like Safari links for a mobile site when you can use a Web App.
Since I have an iPhone 4S under warranty, jailbreaking wasn't an option, so I figured I'd make a "Web App" wrapper for the Blockchain mobile site.

The wrapper turned out great and my ONLY regret is if you switch out of the app and then switch back, it'll refresh the login. This happens with all web apps and sadly I couldn't find a solution. I did do an extra mile though so you can even have a pre-defined login on the page (same as going to and hopefully I'll be getting my source code to them so they can implement it directly.

But for now, the web app is at and I also have it set so you can go to to load the page using your alias.
Once on the page, simply add it to your Home Screen and viola!

Also, for anyone who would like to see the code for learning purposes or to be sure this isn't a malicious site (which I totally understand your concern), or even to host your own private version of it (but please don't share private hosted versions, I want a little credit  :) ), then here's a copy of the source code.. And yeah, it's pretty sweet and simple:

If you liked this and would like to make a donation, here's my BTC address:

Edit: Nevermind! Apparently mannkind on reddit was badass enough as to explain that you have to wait and do a certain set up steps to access your wallet. Sir, hats off to you for saving me a ton of time and just being awesome in general! For anyone still interested, you can still use the link or the source files and learn how this can be done with this or any other web wallet. founder