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Helping hand
« on: June 28, 2015, 08:43:05 pm »
We are a family of 5 searching for help we just got a 5 day notice going to be evicted due to my fiancee being laid off and our car breaking down can't travel for work please help my children stay in there home they are disabled and need therapy I have we really need an angel to touch us or were back in the streets my fiancee has a new job but we cannot recover from this past due rent it is and emergency and I don't know what to do if you donate you will be helping 3 beautiful children who have been through a lot not suffer any more I wish I had something to offer but I don't other than paying it forward please help us don't know we're else to turn we are good people who have been through a lot please somebody help anything would this is an urgent need now just to keep our home what I'm asking for is 2/3 of what I need but I need to give our landlord something please help us last year we went through hard times we lost everything please somebody help me not let this happen again . We will use this money to stop the eviction we need this please don't do it for me do it for my kids they deserve to not go through this again. We don't see Christmas birthdays are crappie but the one thing we have is our home please help us save it a link to my fundraiser that isn't going so well looking like we will be out on the streets I have 3 kids 2 with looks like we have to be out in two weeks so I am requesting help for bitcoin donations for hotels until we get on are feet if anybody better off then us would like to help we really need it  our wallet address is  15jW2XxGQqH5t5hstLgwGV5U7dYeNANitv please save bad comments if anyone wants to help it would mean everything to my kids they have been through enough thank you