Author Topic: IN need of Backer for world series of poker side event will give 25% of winnings  (Read 723 times)

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hello so ive been playing online poker now for six years im 25 y.o. and live 2 and a half hours from the nearest casino of which i have never played at a table before. i want my first live experience to be in vegas .... so thats what im asking for is a backer .. which is someone who pays my buyin. and in this case my travel expenses too. and then we agree on a percentage of my winnings you will recieve if i make it to the money. this event is probably going to be the same size as the main event. there are three day one's. so if you bust on day one A u can reenter on day 1 B or C. now u can check my online stats at and my name is mindermatter. some of the stats are off because i used to play freerolls alot. i think the only reason why im not making money at it is i try to climb the stakes too high. i dont have disciplined bankroll management but ive played with about 3000 dollars and im only down 250 dollars about.... so this tournament i want to play has a guarantee first of one million. but it will probably be like four or five. ok. lets say u back me the total i need is about 1200 to 1600. so day one is nine hours of play and make the money bubble on day one. and lets say we agree on 25% and i make it halfway through day two ... thats going to be 20 to 50 thousand so fifty thousand i place and you would get ur backing money back plus 25% 12,500... understand? so if there are any gamblers out there that wanna take david's side versus the Goliath ....lets do this..

also... i have things for sale on the willing to ship forum.. if you want to support me in that way.