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Welcome to your new BTC-e Trading Bot!

In the first tab we are greeted with your available funds,
information straight from BTC-e about the how the market
is doing at the minute and a simple drop-down list to select what currency you want to trade in.

Automatic Trading Feature

A very useful tool for all of the young entrepreneurial wiz kids of the future!

Set how much you would like the program to be able to buy and sell for you or simply tick the alternate box if you would like to enable all your funds for trading.

Automatically buy the currency of your choice when it drops to a price you set!
Automatically sell the currency of your choice when it reaches the price you want to sell at!
(Both these options have handly add-on's which allow you to choose a variance in % too!)

Very handy for when other countries are trading when you are in bed, missing out on all the bargains and peaks for selling!

V2.0: I've added a second tab so you can trade 2 currencies at once now! - Also added a simple Stop buying/selling button so it's a little more user friendly.

Easy to set up notifications...

Within this tab you can choose to receive e-mail alerts and/or make a sound notifying you the price has fallen / risen to your desired amount.

I've also added another handy little feature where if you choose to enable e-mails alerts, you can include details if you bought and/or sold at that price!

*Please make sure you already entered your e-mail address in the settings tab before clicking save.

V2.0: You can now set two different notifications (or technically four!)
- also choose to enable different sounds for each currency.

Settings, settings, settings...

We know settings usually scare some users a little when they are faced with many options they don't understand - But not to worry, we've made it super easy to get started and all you need is your API details and optionally an e-mail address if you would like to receive e-mail alerts. (see above)

If you are unsure of where to find the information of your API details, simply click here.

In V2.0 I've added an option to turn off the "are you sure?" confirmations when controlling the bot, (default setting is on.)

I've also added 'Spending Limits' - again, pretty self explanatory :P

Transaction History...

Pretty self explanatory,  - Lists your most recent transactions made by the bot.

I've also added a useful tool for canceling any available transactions,:

 simply by choosing the currency of your choice
mark how many transactions you'd like to cancel and hit the button!  :)

Chat to other users with the program!

I've added another new tab with a simple chat to talk with other people with the program! :)

Interested? - Click Here :)