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Bitcoin Gambling Websites List
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Bitcoin Gambling Websites List

I have compiled a list of all the bitcoin gambling websites out there, and there sure are a lot of them!!!  If you know of any I missed, be sure to let me know!

Casinos ^
BitCasino.ioFirst Licensed Online Bitcoin Casino!
Strike Sapphire CasinoBitcoin casino.  Please note they are not accepting USA-based players.  They have the following games:
  • Cards
    • Poker
    • Blackjack
    • 3-card
    • Sapphire Rummy
  • Slots
    • N-Slots
    • 60 Watt Slots
    • Mayan Gold
    • Scuba Tube
  • Video
    • Video Poker
    • Keno
    • Bonus Poker
  • Roulette
  • Board Games
    • ChipWars
  • Dice
    • Craps
Gold Game LandNew bitcoin gambling casino with the following games:
  • Hi-Lo Card Game
  • Roulette
  • 3x Coins (Coin Toss)
  • Gold Scratch (Scratch Game)
And new games "coming soon."  New users get a free 0.10 BTC plus entry to competitions and other prizes!  Registration is free, or you can play unregistered!  You can pay with bitcoin or Liberty Reserve. 
BitcoPlayA new Bitcoin casino with all sorts of interesting games to play (so far the look like clever variations of slots but we can assume more are on the way).  The software they use is very professional and secure.  Definitely check these guys out!
PlaytinA fantastic new pure-HTML5 casino!  No need for downloads, everything works in your browser!  Games include: Hold'em, Jacks or Better, Keno, Let It Ride, Red Dog, Red and Blue, Roulette, and more probably coming soon!  Definitely check this out.
bitZinoA new HTML5 bitcoin casino, you can try playing with play money or bet real money.  Currently only the blackjack table is live, but there are many new games on the way.   
Bitcoin Video CasinoA new Bitcoin casino offering video poker, roulette, and blackjack.  No registration needed, 99.5% expected return, payouts are instant, provably trustworthy games, and you can play them from 'anywhere'.
Elite BTC CasinoA Bitcoin and Litecoin mix with a few gambles to choose from.  There is a BTC and an LTC lottery, and they have a 'Dice' section as well for some instant gambling, they also have a Free Bitcoins page.
Jacks VegasA casino accepting bitcoin, they have video slots, table games, and scratch games.  Their site is also mobile-device-friendly.  A huge variety of games!
Luckco.inA new Bitcoin casino offering video poker and slots.  You can get free credits in the chat window from time to time.
CasinobitA new Bitcoin casino offering slots, roulette, and poker.  Site is made in HTML5 and looks very nice, but warning that this is a very new casino and users should play cautiously until a bit of time passes.
Winvery CasinoA new flash bitcoin casino and poker website.  Games include baccarat, blackjack, poker, palgow, most likely more to come soon! 
The Lucky Coin CasinoBlackjack and Video Poker site.  Site looks exactly like a VLT.  I like the sound effects.  They have recently added a couple of games.  Worldwide (no country restrictions).  Like some other sites, they also offer instant play, which means as soon as you deposit bitcoins (literally a couple seconds later) you hear the deposit sound on your speakers and you can play your money.  Then when it comes time to withdrawl, you have to wait until your bitcoin transactions have 6 confirmations.  Here is what they offer:
  • BlackJack
  • Video Poker: Jacks or Better
  • 25-Line Jacks or Better
  • Red Dog
  • High-Roller Video Poker
BTC PlayBitcoin casino with the following games:
  • Casino
    • Roulette
    • Blackjack - Gold
    • Blackjack Star
    • Higher or Lower? Cards
    • Scratch Card *NEW*
  • Multiplayer Games
    • Poker - Texas Hold 'em
    • Blackjack
    • Roulette
  • Slots
    • Slot "Christmas 50/50"
    • Slot "Auto2000"
    • Slot "FruitSeven"
    • Slot "FunnyCash"
    • Slot "Joker"
    • Slot "Tattoo"
  • Yahtzee
    • Yahtzee
    • Tournament
BitcoinGamerBitcoin casino that offers the following games:
  • JacksUp - "Jacks or Better" video poker with up to a 1000:1 return (94.3% payout).
  • Mingus' Jupiter Poker - Flip 3 cards to make poker hands. Winnings are progressive after each card (95.1% payout).
  • Keno - Play the classic Lottery/Casino game (over 94% payouts for most plays).
  • Coin Toss (96% payout).
  • Roulette (94.7% payout).
  • DGBells Penny Slot Machine (94.1% payout).
  • Dart Board (91.7% payout).
  • Video Badugi - Plays like video poker but you have multiple draws to create the lowest "rainbow" hand possible. (over 94% payout).
  • Red Dog Poker - Play a game of in between.
  • Deuces Wild - Video poker - 5 card draw with deuces WiLd (99%+ payout).
  • Baccarat - Fee like a secret agent playing this classic casino game.
Dragon's Tale"A casino unlike any other: As you explore this massively multiplayer game, you'll find ways to win Bitcoins with original games hidden within every plant, behind every statue, in the water and in the sky."
The Lucky BitcoinGambling site with 3 games:
  • Coin Toss - A classic flip-a-coin game.
  • Bitcoin 8Line - A "loose" 8 line slot machine.
  • Classic Keno - A classic keno game.
BC CasinoA new bitcoin casino with a very professional website with both a downloadable casino program and an "instant play" Flash browser-based version.  They also allow you to try with play-money so you can try it out for free before playing for bitcoin.  There are over 100 diverse well known casino games to play including some that feature characters from TV shows and comics, like X-Men, Iron Man, Gladiator, The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, and Blade.

I really like the 'fullscreen' button on the browser version.  I haven't tried the downloadable standalone but the browser-based version is more than enough.  Each game has it's own unique style and sound effects, and the interface loads very quick even on my slow internet connection.  Worldwide (no country restrictions).
OFFLINE milliBitcoinBitcoin casino with the following games:
  • Slot Machines With Jackpot
    • Ghost Train
    • Aristocrat
    • Jackpot Killer
    • Cats And Dogs
    • Fruity Machine
  • Regular Slot Machines
    • Ibiza
    • Grand Slam
  • Casino Games
    • Keno Master
  • Scratch Games
    • Olympic Games
OFFLINE DiamondCoin CasinoA simple new Bitcoin casino with honesty being a selling point; they show you the exact algorithm they use to generate random numbers to prove that the game is not biased in favor of the house.  They also offer play money for all their games if you didn't want to gamble but just wanted to play and see what it's like!  With "many" more games coming in the future.
OFFLINE Las BitVegasA browser-based (HTML5/JS) online gambling site using Bitcoins as a currency. You can begin playing as soon as you register an account.  Las BitVegas has 3 games:
  • Coin Toss
  • Blackjack
  • Oasis Poker
BitcoinPara.deA new casino with some unique quirks, you can get free coins to play with if you click on the sponsor banners, but the sponsors look non-English though so use your judgement.  They offer the following games:
  • Head or Tail *Low*
  • Head or Tail *Normal*
  • Head or Tail *High*
  • Lucky Numbers
  • Daily Lottery
  • Weekly Lottery
Lucky Bitcoin Casino Lucky Bitcoin Casino offers all the classic and progressive casino games: Slots, blackjack, videopoker, baccarat, craps, roulette, caribbean poker, 5-reel slots, progressive 5-reel slots, 3-reel slots, progressive 3-reel slots, progressive blackjack, and progressive videopoker. 36 exciting games inside the members area!

Poker ^
Seals With Clubs Texas Hold 'emExchange bitcoins for chips to play Texas Hold'em Poker with other players in a fun, exciting environment.  They have instant deposits system, so it only takes a couple seconds for your money to become available to play.  Plus the top 20 players also receive coffee from shipped to anywhere in the US every month!

  • Hourly Turbo Freerolls: Tournaments start on the hour every hour. 50 chips to the winner.
  • Nightly Tournament: Tournament starts at 8pm ET. The buy in is 210 chips.
  • Sunday Tournament: Tournament starts at 3pm ET. The buy in is 1050 chips.
  • Wednesday Rebuy Tournament: Tournament starts at 6pm ET. The buy in is 105 chips.
  • Weekly Krill Races: Over 30000 chips will be awarded to the 20 players with the most krill for the week. Started Monday.
  • Krill Points: Krill is points that earn you rewards. As you earn more Krill, you recieve more rewards. There will also be Krill rewards for winning tournaments and other achievements.
    Each table is labeled with some KPH (krill per hand) value. You will be awarded this much krill each time you take your hand to the flop or the pot is raked. Currently this means a 40 chip pot.
SwitchPokerA new bitcoin poker web site with a very friendly, professional approach.  They have multiple bitcoin payment processor options.  They currently only offer no-limit texas hold'em ring games with 6 seats and 2 seats but there are new games to be released in the following order:
  • 9 seater ring games
  • Sit & Go / Single Table Tournaments
  • Multi Table Tournaments
  • Fixed-Limit Holdem
  • Pot-Limit Omaha and others

In the FAQ it mentions that they do not allow US-based players for some reason. 

A main feature of SwitchPoker is that you can play using "virtually" any device.  The following are supported:

  • iPad
  • iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 (no sound)
  • Firefox v3.6.8 or higher
  • Chrome v5.0 or higher
  • Safari v5.0 or higher
  • Opera v10.60 or higher
  • Internet Explorer v8 (No sound. Compatibility mode should be turned off.)
  • Internet Explorer v9

They also have many bonuses, including a Switch Poker Points (SPPs) system.  These are points that you earn by playing at any of our real money tables. SPPs are earned automatically. You do not have to do anything other than play at real money tables to earn them.  If you want to maximize the amount you earn, you can play in lots of pots and play at a number of tables at once. You can use your SPPs to claim bonuses and prizes.  You earn 100 SPP for each euro in rake paid.

They also have a 'free iPod/iPad give-away' where if you deposit 50/150 euros and earn 60k/100k SPPs you will have earned your device and they send it out to you.

Another cool feature is the Affiliate program that gives 20% - 35% revenue share on referrals, plus you can refer people to become a sub affiliates and earn 4% of their player net monthly revenue.  When you refer a player that player is tied to you for life.

SwitchPoker also gives you unique bonus codes, and my bonus code is MAPLESYRUP!
WinPokerThe world's largest poker network, now accepting Bitcoin!  I doubt their claim of world's largest though, but still worth checking out.
BitJack21Online Bitcoin Blackjack service. As of this writing maximum bets are 1btc and minimum bets are .01btc. BitJack21 features a cryptographic proof of fair game play based on SHA256 signed hands.  They also have a sister site, NameJack21, that is played with Namecoin instead of Bitcoin.
PM PokerThe first online poker site that follows true casino poker rules as played in Las Vegas.  You have to download the Windows program to play, but it will work in Linux under Wine.  They currently only offering Sit and Go Texas Hold’em, but hope to have Ring Game out by the end of June.

  • FREEROLL 4 player Sit-n-Go game, winner gets 4 mBTC
  • Fast and simple automatic deposit and withdrawals of Bitcoin
  • Bounty SNG games on 100 mBTC and higher
  • Free Play available prior to registration to try us out
  • Wagering in SNG follow WSOP™ rules
PurePoker.euPoker site with many great features, now accepting Bitcoin!
Bitworld PokerPoker site.  Not english, I think it's Spanish? PokerBasic poker site, not very many users but it has potential.
OFFLINE BTC On TiltBitcoin poker.  They have the following promotions:
  • Tilt Points and Rank Points.  You are awarded an equal amount of Tilt Points and Rank Points from your rake and tournament entry fees. With Tilt Points you can use the points to purchase items or to exchange them for real chips.
  • The Bad Beat Jackpot.  We take 3% of every rake to be placed into our Bad Beat Jackpot. If you lose with ACES FULL OF KINGS or better you’ll take home our Bad Beat Jackpot! The Jackpot will grow overtime consistently that it we hope it becomes one of the largest jackpots in online poker. Once the lucky player hits the jackpot the bulk will be distributed to the person who had their Aces full of kings cracked.
OFFLINE Bitcoin Poker RoomA place where poker fans can play with their friends for free.  The only poker room where you can play with bitcoins with any Internet-enabled device.  Powered by HTML5 and Bitcoin web technologies.  This poker room is an open source project.  Bitcoins are divisible down into very small units, and we have tables at very low stakes (as low as 0.1/0.2 mBTC, or 0.0001/0.0002 BTC). At the tables, a single chip is worth 0.01 BTC. A 1/2 table is really 0.01/0.02 BTC.

They offer three styles of poker: Texas hold'em, Omaha hold'em, and Omaha Hi-Lo/8 hold'em, and there are dozens of tables at each of the play styles with blinds ranging from 0.02/0.04 to 500/1000 chips.

They were the first bitcoin gambling site and one of the best! [site was "brutally" hacked in april and taken offline. more info here, site is for sale, see this thread.]

War ^
SatoshiBetA provably fair game of the classic card game WAR!  Very slick interface!

Roulette ^
Satoshi's RouletteA new roulette game, definitely worth checking out.  They are currently in the beta stage, things are still under development but for the time being, the min bid is 0.05 BTC and the max bet is 0.50 BTC.
Satoshi CircleNot actually roulette, but a spin-the-wheel game worth checking out.  It's provably fair and the interface is great!
Play RoulettePlay Roulette is a classic casino style Roulette game that allows you to wager with the digital currency Bitcoins.

It is an easy and fun way to play with and win more Bitcoins!

Best of all it's 100% verifiable, anonymous and cheat proof.

Lotteries ^
BitLottoA lottery style gambling site with 99% payout of a monthly jackpot to an almost always sole winner. Because of this, the odds of winning the lottery are approx 1 out of the total jackpot size.
BTCLot.comLottery site that lets users play with Bitcoin, SolidCoin, or Litecoin.  System where a user can create a bet with anyone about anything.  They also provide daily lotteries and public bets.  Upon registering I discovered that there is also BTCLot poker as well, the site looks pretty basic but it could be fun.
BTCLottery.netA new lottery site where users pick 6 of 40 numbers and can win anything from 0.1 BTC (2 numbers correct) to 10,000 BTC (6 numbers correct).  It costs 0.05 BTC to play.  They draw the lottery every Friday!
TAABLThe very first bitcoin lottery (from 2010) has returned!  3 games are provided: The very fast paced Pick 2, the slightly more sedate Pick 3 and the "once a year or so" Pick 4.  In a nutshell, you pick the last digits of the hash of each completed block. If your picks match exactly, you win the entire pot! The house fee of only 1.0% means your expectation is 99% no matter how many entries there are.

Don't want to read, and just play? Jump in anytime into a pick 2, just send 1 BTC or multiple thereof to: 12TaAbLWBNKB1NLYH92CPnC1DizQoNK6FN, you can even place a bet larger than the available slots in a Pick, the remaining credit will be used against future picks. You will receive 2 satoshis when a round is complete, and the whole pot when you win.
TenDrawBTCLegitimate service that rewards you with a generous payout at a high success rate. When there's a maximum of 10 people per draw your odds of winning are very preferable compared to other BitCoin Lottery websites.
Mini Lotto MayhemA provably-fair block-based lottery game!  Every block is a new lottery!
BitDrawBitDraw provides both ongoing and one-shot raffle and lottery style games for your enjoyment. Create an account, deposit some Bitcoin to receive gaming tokens (TKN), and use those tokens to buy tickets to the games. Cash out your winnings at any time by converting tokens back to Bitcoin.  The exchange rate for BTC to TKN is 1:1000.
Dream Islands Lottery (BTC Edition)This will be a lottery where each entry costs 0.05 BTC for the jackpot of 20 BTC (500 entries available) on this first round. [here is the site link but it's out of date, use the forum thread link for more information]
Get Free BitcoinsSimple free weekly bitcoin lottery with reliable draw results visible to all, you just enter your bitcoin address as a comment to the lottery postings and you are entered to win that week's lottery!
BTC-LottoLottery based on the German 6 out of 49 System. Bet using your BTCs on the official results of the German 6 out of 49 Lottery System. Every Saturday evening at 22:00 (UTC+1), the numbers are drawn, the event can be watched on TV.
BitCashLottoBitcoin lottery site where users can create their own lotteries.  Still in beta.
Newbie LotteryBrand new lottery system with 0.005 BTC tickets.  One 0.005 BTC ticket gets used as follows: 75% goes to the current jackpot, 20% goes to next jackpot, and 5% goes to expenses.
Raffle BitLottery system.  How to play:
  • Just send 0.1BTC to the playing address displayed on the main page, and you will be the proud owner of 1 Raffle?it Ticket.
  • When all the tickets have been purchased, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning tickets are identified, and the Raffle?it balance sent.
  • There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can purchase in each round of Raffle?it, but we do ask that you send each ticket purchase as a single 0.1BTC payment to the playing address.
BTC GriffinBitcoin lottery site with two games:
  • Bitcoin Bomb: Winner gets 80% of all players bets or 5 times his or her bet, whichever is the largest.
  • Heptagon: One out of seven players wins the game!! Prize is 5 times his/her bet.
SatómbolaA tombola or raffle in which anyone can participate and earn bitcoins.  The draw is based on the result of the corresponding draw of the European lottery game "Euromillons".  When the corresponding Euromillions draw result is public, we get the winning combination and the stars values.  The numbers of the winning combination are multiplied by themselves.  The stars values are added to the previous result.  We get the list of participants, ordered by buy date. Only satickets whose payment is confirmed by at least 3 bitcoin nodes at the moment "Buy confirmation date limit" (shown on the top of the page) will be on the list.

The participant who wins a Satómbola draw will receive a precentage of that draw sales, transferred to the address given by the participant when buying the winning saticket.  That percentage is calculated as follows:  The values of the stars of the corresponding Euromillions result are multiplied by themselves.  The previous result is divided by 1210.  That is subtracted from 1. The result, multiplied by 100 is the percentage of the sales that the winner will receive as prize.  The remaining amount is for Satómbola.  The whole operation is "Prize (BTC) = (Star_1 x Star_2 / 1210) x Sales (BTC)".  Note that the star values varies from 1 to 11. Therefore, prize oscillates between 90% of the sales in the worst case and 99.9173554% of the sales in the best case.
OFFLINE BTCBlinkBTCBlink has 'rounds', each round has a jackpot (for example, 1 Bitcoin). There are then ten tickets. Once all of the tickets are purchased, the game randomly selects a winner and awards them the jackpot. Players can purchase more than one ticket to increase their odds (however, purchasing all of the tickets costs you more than the jackpot).  [new site, still in beta]
SyndiquickA lottery website, the currency of the lottery is in British pounds but you can fund your account with bitcoin and it is converted to pounds when you deposit.  The current jackpots are 2 million and 12 million pounds for the 2 games they have running!  That's a lot of dough!  The ticket prices are £3 and £6.  From their Facebook page: "Join different lottery syndicates for draws around the world such as the Lotto and Euromillions; win it all, together! Syndiquick aims to change how the lottery is played everywhere. They provide syndicates of many types and sizes for established lotteries; aspiring to be one of the largest lottery syndicate providers in the world."
OFFLINE Bittle LottoA very new bitcoin lottery.  All you need to do is send 0.001 BTC to their current address and you are automatically entered to win, just don't use online wallets since they may not be compatible with the return forwarding of the winnings.  There is no maximum for your entry, each 0.001 BTC counts as 1 ticket (i.e. if you send 0.010 BTC you get 10 tickets).
OFFLINE Room BitcoinA new Bitcoin lottery site that also has other games like Blackjack and sports betting, they are very new though so use caution.
HAAGEDISSA sort of lottery, when the pot hits 103 BTC, the house keeps 3 BTC and the rest is paid to the winner.  New site, looks a bit sketch but the website looks kind of neat.  It costs 1 BTC to enter.
BitcoinsUK Euromillions LotteryA new lottery that I believe they enter into the Euromillions lottery somehow.  Costs 1 BTC to play, check out their site for more information.
OFFLINE Win BTCsBitcoin lottery system where you send 0.2 BTC to an address and they choose a winner via
btcLotteryBitcoin lottery with weekly "Pick-3" draws.  Essentially there are 3 numbers drawn and you can win according the order your numbers were in.
Ways to win:
  • Straight - Any 3-digit number from 000 to 999. Match in exact order.
  • 3-Way Box - Any 3-digit number with 2 digits the same. Match in any order.
  • 6-Way Box - Any 3-digit number with all different digits. Match in any order.
  • Match 2 - Match any two numbers in place.
OFFLINE PowerBitBitcoin lottery system with 5 different ticket prices: 0.50, 0.25, 0.10, 0.05, and 0.001 BTC.
OFFLINE Bitcoin FortuneSimple rules to play:
  • Give us your name and address to send your prize.
  • Make your bet from 0.1 to 1 BTC.
  • Receive a ticket with random number from 1 to 777 after 1 confirmation (ticket can be non-unique).
  • Even ticket wins 180% of bet! Ticket 777 takes JACKPOT!

Betting ^
SatoshiDiceBitcoin betting game. Win up to 65,000x your bet, instantly. You send BTC to one of the listed addresses, each one has a range of probability of being successful ranging from a 1.016x profit from a 97.6563% odds bet to a 65,000x profit on a 0.0015% bet.  All rolls are verifiable using the blockchain, so it is a very honest gambling system!  They have statistics for all the recent bets, including improbable winners and some people have made winnings like 1.26 BTC on a 0.01 BTC bet (although there have been some big losses too!).
DiceOnCrackA SatoshiDice-like website where users can bet on SatoshiDice with multiple strategies.  This allows you to throw up to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of throws with a single deposit! simulates the first throw in traditional fashion, but subsequent throws are the hash of the previous throw. This allows for an infinite amount of provably fair throws.  There are many different strategies, I would list them but the list will likely grow, be sure to check them out!
ParaCoinYou are given a choice of a few options of an outcome of an event (like the difficulty change) and you have a period of time to predict it by sending your BTC to one of the addresses.  I like the way it is set up, much easier to manage "one bet at a time" than have a website where there are a million things to bet on and no one is full utilizing them all. 

For example, this is listed now: Send BTC to the address above that you estimate reflects the value of Bitcoins on midnight 22/12/2012. Betting closes 2 days before the deadline.

If you forecast the value correctly then you win a share of the pot in proportion to the amount of money you wagered. Your winnings are sent back to the Bitcoin address you made the bet with. It's called paramutual betting.
BitinoA new hi-lo game that is provably fair and sort of like a coin toss.  Very slick website.
Bets of BitcoinBets of Bitcoin is a website where users can bet on real world events. Bet results are decided by the site admins and lost bets are distributed to the winners. Submitting user of the statement and the website gets a small commission.
Bit 365Bet on sporting events.  No account needed, reduced juice bet options, fast payouts, no fees!
PeerbetA new provably fair betting platform with a zero house edge.  It's anonymous, peer to peer, and limitless, just like Bitcoin itself.
Nitrogen SportsEasy and fun sports betting.  A fantastic interface!  They even have a social attribute to it where users share stories and post Facebook-activity-feed style.  Definitely check this one out! is a platform that provides fair and self-managing vote functionality for everyone who loves BitCoins and want to make more by showing ideas.  Every member is welcome to create new votes. We encourage members to show their ideas. To reward these ideas, creator gets 5% commission of losing bitcoins. This is how the coins are distributed: 5% to the one who submits the correct candidate; creator has priority of choosing candidate within TWO days after event time.  5% to the web site; the rest will be distributed to all winners according to their percentage of winning Bitcoins.  For example, there are 10 winning Bitcoins and 20 losing Bitcoins. You put 2 BTCs for winning candidate. Here is the result:  1 BTC goes to creator; 1 BTC goes to web site; What you get is: (2/10) * 20 * 90% = 3.6, plus you put 2 BTC in. You get 5.6 BTCs back in total.
Sports Trading ExchangeA commission-free sports betting exchange.  The owners of the Sports Trading Exchange have been in the industry for over 60 combined years.  They allow multiple methods of depositing and withdrawal, including bitcoin.  Key markets covered:
  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • NCAA Basketball
  • Financial Option Wagering
and you can even bet on political events, such as the 2012 presidential election.
BTCbetA UK based bitcoin sports betting website.  The minimum bet is 0.1 BTC and the maximum for a single bet is 1000 BTC, and you can bet on a range of different sports.
Backcoin Starcraft Bitcoin BettingBackcoin is an anonymous betting service with no registration. We have bets on events like Starcraft matches. All bets are paid to given Bitcoin addresses, winnings will be paid to the addresses they placed the bets with.

Here are the rules:
  • All payments are done in Bitcoin
  • Winner is decided by the official event host (those who usually pay the price to the winner)
  • Payment of winning bets is started 24 hours after event finishes
  • 5% of the winnings go to us
  • Payment is always payed to the address from which we received the bet
  • Only bets that have been confirmed by the Bitcoin network at least 5 minutes before the event starts, are valid. Non valid bets will be returned.
  • To ensure that the transaction goes through we might set a small fee to the Bitcoin network for all payments, this also means that invalid bets and winnings lower than what is needed in fees, will not be returned
  • Minimum bet is 0.1 Bitcoin, lower bets will NOT be returned
  • If nobody has bet on the winner, then everybody gets their money back minus our share and fees
AnoniBet.comNew betting site, based in Panama, that is entirely anonymous and you can bet on almost any major league sport!  VERY extensive list of sports and a VERY professional website.  Everything from NHL, NBA, & NFL to handball, darts, & volleyball.  Lots of international and European leagues, I think they pretty much everything covered.  They even have sports I've never heard of!  They offer the experience to anyone around the world, so that must mean US-based players are welcome.  In the rules it states that the minimum deposit amount it 1 BTC.
5LinesSports betting site.  See this post for more information.  It's a bit confusing.
There are 3 ways to play:
  • High Roller. This is like normal, but on steroids! You double up, plus your unit per loss. Result will make up losses, plus 1 unit per bet.
  • Normal. Double up... 5, 10, etc... Result will make up your losses, + 1 unit.
  • Flat. The same every day. 5, 5, 5, etc...
BlockBet.netA Bitcoin betting sportsbook with many major leagues and some minor league betting.
BTCSportsBetA sportsbook for all major sports.
BTfutureA Bitcoin prediction market. It is similar to Intrade and users on the website can buy shares in events that they think will occur or sell shares in events they think will not occur.
Wheel of Bitcoin ( of Bitcoin is a simple game of chance. Each time you send a bet to one of the game's betting addresses, a random number is selected ranging from 0 to 16,777,215. If the number selected is greater than the threshold number required for the game you're betting on, you win. Games with a lower probability of winning require a higher number to win, but they also pay out a larger multiple of your bet amount.

Here are the instant betting addresses:
25% win odds / 3.839x payout / 19yG5fx33a8yNG1AaZLrmLHfQ6UMX3Qycp
45% win odds / 2.133x payout / 1Bz1iCMpvSerXuCwYJ4kzBSccjMxMr8wDZ
50% win odds / 1.92x payout / 13G6iXGsJXyU3gvNgvRsuYj4oyy45jzUnA
55% win odds / 1.746x payout / 13resoXwJhckLRNfiBfGhzbbN2R4gLt5KL
75% win odds / 1.28x payout / 1GympjxbuH3jWUiCHNV4bZccf8zh8aS3fw
95% win odds / 1.011x payout / 19gJxTQTwuYaKViBuMZAdqYCYjqjhdjVfi
The Bitcoin GemThere is a big gem on the website.  You can buy it for a certain amount, then the name beside the gem changes to your name, and you get a link to your website for some web traffic!  If someone else wants to buy the gem from you, they buy the gem for 15% higher than you paid.  You get 10% back as a profit and the site keeps 5%.  Everyone profits!   Except there is a 1.5625% chance the gem resets and you lose.  It also will reset automatically after a period of time.
Bitcoin Gold BarA clone of The Bitcoin Gem, with slightly different rules.  The bar increases by 12% instead of 15% and you still get the 10% so the site is more fair, but the odds of a reset are 3.125% which is considerably more often than the Gem.
BitBearsA clone of The Bitcoin Gem, with slightly different rules.  There are 3 bears, they increase by 15% with a 10% profit for you and the reset is 3.125%.
Bitcoin CrownA clone of The Bitcoin Gem, with slightly different rules.  The crown increases by 25% with a 15% profit for you and the chance of a reset is only 1.5%!
The OrbA clone of The Bitcoin Gem, with slightly different rules.  The crown increases by 20% with a 16% profit for you and the chance of a reset is 3%!
The Final SatoshiA clone of The Bitcoin Gem, with slightly different rules.  The crown increases by 15% with a 10% profit for you and the game does NOT reset EVER!  It just keeps getting higher!
Three Hit GameA game that is sort of like rock, paper, scissors except you play best out of three.  Users can created games and challengers can take them up on it!
OFFLINE PoolbitsPoolbits is an pool gambling site. You can place a bet on the amount of shares the next announced block will have for a specific pool. You can also place a bet on the next difficulty. 1 Bet = 0.05BTC
OFFLINE WeBetCoinsA website where users can bet on any statement without registration. The subject of the statements can be anything from matches and elections to bitcoin prices and TV shows. Registered users can also earn money by creating new statements and attracting bettors. After statement has reached deadline its outcome verified by the site administrators.
OFFLINE BTCDicePretty much a direct clone of SatoshiDice.

Slots ^
Bitcoin is a great place, where you can play slots and win bitcoins or just play for fun.  Players from all over the world are welcome!  These are the primary focuses:
  • Fair play
  • Full anonymity
  • High-security
  • Instant accesss
  • User-friendly interface
Bitcoin SlotNew bitcoin slot machine.  Very simply built, but they show you the entire reel of the machine when you play, making it pretty fair.  They also allow you to play for fun to try it out!
OFFLINE Bitcoin SlotsPlay slot machines with bitcoins in order to win bitcoins plus earn free bitcoins just for playing.
kingco.inAn interesting spin-the-wheel game where you just keep spinning the wheel and try get a pattern of colors to win.  You basically keep spinning until you hit black, which ends your game.  Try it out, you can play for free and bet BTC if you like it!  (I'll probably move this to another section, slots fees appropriate for now.)

Coin Toss ^
The Betcoin GameThe player invest a BTC amount (minimum 0.1, maximum 1.0) and tries to get more bitcoins out of the game.  Sort of like double or nothing.
XAVOAA new coin toss game.  They are a bitcoin casino, but this is their first game so far.  Looks very simple and the interface is very friendly.
Mango FuzzA simple coin toss game with the added feature of being chained.  If you toss the coin and you win, you can gamble that money and double it in a following flip.
OFFLINE Orzel Czy ReszkaA Polish coin toss game with an English interface.  There's also a pretty tempting jackpot.  At least I think it's a coin toss game?
[scam] Bitcoin TossCoin toss game.  [there has been several reports of nonpayment from this website]
[scam] BTC FlipCoin toss game. [site will just take your money and will not pay out, same owner as bitcointoss, see this post for more information]
[scam] Bitcoin DoubleBitcoin Double is a simple betting game where you can win double your bet! [site will just take your money and will not pay out, same owner as bitcointoss, see this post for more information]
OFFLINE Double TroubleThe online casino game Double Trouble approximates a virtual coin-flip game of chance.  If the virtual coin flip turns up heads, the payout returned is 200% of the amount bet -- double the amount wagered, and thus the name Double Trouble. The flip that turns up tails is deemed Trouble and the entire amount wagered is lost.

Guessing ^
Gift BoxHow It Works:
Choose one of the 10 Gift Boxes and Enter Your Bitcoin Address.
Send the Amount Required to Confirm the Bet.
After Confirming Your Bet, the Package is No Longer Available to other Players, so it is Assigned to You until The End of the Round.
If The Gift is into Your Choosed Package, The Winning is Sended to Your Bitcoin Wallet.
Bitcoin MineFieldA simple luck based game with winnings ranging from 10% to 2300%.
Satoshi-KaroshiA simple luck based game with winnings ranging from 1.22x to 17.13x.
Myriad CoinsA new betting website where you bet on a number between 0 and 9999.  You basically program in how much money you would like to win, and it will show you the percentage chance of winning instantly.  This is one of the coolest forms of gambling I've seen!
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard SpockIt's very simple.
Scissors cuts paper. Paper covers rock. Rock crushes lizard. Lizard poisons Spock.
Spock smashes scissors. Scissors decapitates lizard. Lizard eats paper. Paper disproves Spock.
Spock vaporizes rock. And as it always has, rock crushes scissors.
[scam] BTC RichesA game where you try to guess the combination to the safe.  [site will just take your money and will not pay out, same owner as bitcointoss, see this post for more information]
Bitcoin-KamikazeRules of play:
  • You are kamikaze and you need to go through field with mines.
  • Every line contains one mine.
  • You need to choose one from 5 cells and if you don't choose the mine, you will be able to go forward.
  • On every step you may take your current award.
  • If you once choose the mine, you lose your current bet.
BTC MultiplierA different kind of gambling game.  We have instant payouts with many multipliers to choose from, and many games offering several ways to win.
OFFLINE BittleshipsThe aim of this game is to hit and sink the ships hidden in the waters above. A single hit on a ship will sink it and you will receive the prize amount into your account balance. There is a single chest hidden amongst the ships that contains the jackpot amount, find it and win the jackpot! After all of the boats are hit, the next round begins and the boats and chest will be randomly placed by the server.

Darts ^
Bitcoin DartsBitcoin Darts is a virtual dart board where the darts position is based on a random number that is generated.  Amounts wagered can be as low as 0.01 BTC though losses could occur due to a rounding error for winning amounts when the amount wagered is under 0.1 BTC.
Probably I WonA virtual dart game that returns up to 1,000% of the amount wagered.

Dice ^
Jackpot DiceA simple dice game played with bitcoins. The rules are simple. For each bet, Jackpot Dice will throw a dice, giving you a 1 in 6 chance of winning 400% of your bet. You also have another 1 in 6 change of winning 100% of your bet back! Your bet can be as low as 0.01 ?TC or as high as a 1000 ?TC. You decide!
Bitbattle.meInspired by the various dice games, but is adding a unique feature: Instead of just sitting there and pushing transactions onto the blockchain (which is quite boring after all), brings some realtime player-vs-player action into the game:
  • You always play against a (random) opponent (unless you chose Singleplayer game)
  • No luck? Still you can win by taking more risk than your opponent!
  • Follow any game live in the browser
  • Think fast to always be ahead of your opponent before the game ends
  • bitbattle your buddies with invitation games
OFFLINE Market DawnA simple dice game.

Pyramid Schemes ^
Bitcoin PyramidA great way to earn BTC passively depending on how much BTC you have deposited.  Rules:

  • Registration.
    • Anybody can become a member for free by providing his/her permanent withdrawal address and captcha.
      • Each member receives a referral link to attract newcomers.
      • Each member receives a permanent address to deposit funds.
    • If newcomer follows the referral link and gets registered within 30 days, then he/she becomes a referral of the link owner (and the link owner becomes a sponsor of newcomer).
    • If newcomer didn't register via referral link then he/she becomes a referral of a random member.
  • Money distribution.
    • Each member receives up to 50% of his/her referral's income (but not more than s/he deposited + 0.01 btc at a time) and pays about 50% of his/her income to his/her sponsor and possibly random member(s).
      • Member's income = member's deposits + referral payments + random payments.
      • Member's expenditure = member's withdrawals + withdrawal fees + sponsor payments + random payments.
      • Member's balance = member's income - member's expenditure.
    • Withdrawals and all other outgoing payments are done automatically when member's balance hits the threshold of 0.021 btc. Withdrawal fee is 0.001 btc per withdrawal.
    • Each member's chances to receive random payments or to become a random sponsor of newcomer depend on sum of his/her deposits. Moreover each random payment's size is limited by member's deposits. Thus if member doesn't deposit anything, then he/she is unlikely to receive random payments or random referrals.
    • Each member any time may deposit any amount to his permanent deposit address to increase his/her chances of being selected for random payments and to increase the amount of money can be received at a time.
  • Rules are a subject to change.
BTC MatrixAn interesting new site with an entry fee to join which changes.  The normal entry fee is 1.00 BTC but they also have promotions.  It is used as an advertising platform as well, new members are able to upload a banner to advertise with.  Referring additional members via the referral link gets you 0.10 BTC per user.  There are a couple different ways to play with a complicated pyramid ladder algorithm, your best bet is check out the diagrams on the website.

Ponzi Schemes ^
OFFLINE/SCAM PON-ZThe world's first honest ponzi scheme, using bitcoin.  It was launched about 5 minutes before I listed it here, so beware.  [yeah the site vanished, definitely a scam]

Every person who makes a deposit to pon-z recieves a share proportional to the size of their initial deposit from each of the next 100 deposits. Unlike ponzi schemes that have come before, there's no illusion about the fact that your money is going to previous depositors. In fact, your balance goes to 0 on day one. What you get in return is the assurance that your balance can never go down thereafter. We aim to distribute funds as soon as they're received and have very transparant reporting.
OFFLINE BitPonziA ponzi scheme. Later deposits pay out the earlier entries.  Site operation:
New Rounds
  • Click Create Round at the bottom of the list.
  • Fill in the desired settings and create round.
  • The site takes a 10% fee from the initial deposit and a 2% fee from all deposits.
  • Hosts get 100% of the initial deposit back if the round expires with no deposits.
Special Game Functions
  • Fixed Duration - The round will end in x hours, no matter when the last deposit was.
  • Bounty Address - Creates an address where all deposits go directly to the jackpot.
    If there are no deposits, the host will receive 50% of the bounty.
  • Click new deposit on your desired game.
  • Enter your address and send coins to the generated address.
  • When there are enough deposits in the pot, you will be paid.
End of Round
  • The host will receive 100% of the remaining pot.
  • The jackpot will be paid to the last depositor.
OFFLINE Bitcoin RandomizerThe Bitcoin Randomizer is a self-labeled Ponzi-style scheme that rewards those who have contributed earlier to gain proportionally more than those who have contributed later. 

Earn random bitcoins when new members join the system.  50% of all membership fees are payed to random members, no matter who reffered them.  You don't have to promote our site yourself to earn bitcoins, but it'll help you to earn more.

Earn bitcoins referring new members.
50% of all membership fees are payed to sponsors.
(Current shares: 1.lvl-25% 2.lvl-15% 3.lvl-10%)

Get random referrals.
New members that do not follow referral-links are added to random members downlines.

You need to send 1 BTC to be part of the system!
OFFLINE BitcoinduitRules: Bitcoinduit is an honest ponzi site. If a ponzi scheme is dishonest and claims it's an investment program, people can't make rational decisions, and everyone loses money except for the ponzi's owner. However, if a ponzi scheme is honest, it makes a great game. You have to guess whether there are enough people who come in after you to pay you out, and if you guess well, you win money. Here's how it works.

  • A game ends when nobody has deposited for long enough (the expiration time).
  • If you guess correctly and there are enough people after you to pay off everyone before and including you, you win a certain return on your "investment" (that's what the ROI, return on investment, column is).
  • If you guess incorrectly, but you are the last one in when the game expires, you win the jackpot.
  • Otherwise, you lose money.

The jackpot is meant to encourage depositing even after you have little to no chance of getting paid the first way. This makes games longer and lets more people get paid. Here's a more in-depth explanation:

  • When you deposit, 5% if you're the first depositor and 2% if you're not goes to the house. This is a fee that keeps the site up and running.
  • Another percentage of this goes to the jackpot (the jackpot % column).
  • The rest goes to the pot.
  • Every time another person deposits, Bitcoinduit checks if the pot is large enough to pay out some people (including their ROI). As long as the pot is large enough, it will continue to pay people out.
  • You can also directly deposit to the jackpot to encourage people to deposit if it seems like you're not going to get paid. You can see the address for this on each round's page.
  • When the game ends, the jackpot is paid to the last depositor, and 50% of the pot is paid to the first depositor (the round creator). The rest of the pot (50%) goes to the house.
  • Note that when you create a round, you are required to make a deposit to get it started and to have it show up on the All Rounds page.
  • If your round expires without more than one deposit, we will pay you your money back, without fees.
  • If other people contributed directly to the jackpot address, and your round expires without more than one deposit, their money will be paid to you too!
  • Every deposit decreases the expiration by the amount in the decay column. The expiration will not go below 1 hour.
Straight Line DoublerPonzi scheme.  F.A.Q.:
How much does it cost? Each entry is 1 bitcoin.
How much do you get? Each cycle pays out 2 bitcoins.
When do you pay out? Every time we receive 3 entries, we pay out 2 btc to the next person in line, and pay out referral bonuses of 0.20 btc to each of the 3 referrers.
Can I refer people? Yes, if you refer people to this site, you will receive 0.20 btc for every entry received.
What link should I use? After paying for an entry and clicking 'Finished', you will be given a referral link to use when sharing the site.

Other ^
BitBaccarat.netSend coins to one or more of the listed addresses; Minimum: 0.01 BTC, Maximum: 0.1 BTC (will raise in the future). The game runs once every block. Only bets included in the block are valid.  The address you send from must be able to receive coins. (eg. any standard bitcoin client or derivatives would work).

Banker 0.95:1
Player 1:1
Tie 8:1 (Banker and Player bets push on ties)
Your original bet will be sent back with the winnings
Payouts will be sent within 2 minutes of new block.
OFFLINE BitYachtAn online game of Yacht. Play is against another player on the internet either for Bitcoins or for fun.  Yacht is a public domain Yatzee-like dice game. The game is similar to the Latin American game Generala, the English game of Poker Dice, the scandinavian Yatzy, and Cheerio (dice game). It is also known as the predecessor of Yahtzee (trademarked in the United States by Hasbro).
CLOSED SatoshiTableA simple funny game to win or lose some bitcoin.  There is a table.  The table has 100 seats.  Each seat costs 0.01 BTC.  You can buy as many seats on the table as you want.  The more seats you buy, the higher your chances to win the whole tables money.  Once the table is full, a winning number is calculated from all TX hashes that went into the table.  Nice side effect: you can assign a URL and a picture to your spot on the table.  The tables will be viewable forever. so you have a nice SEO and advertising side-effect from the gambling.

Alt-Coin Sites ^
These are websites that let you play in some of Bitcoin's alternative currencies.  Since Bitcoin is open-source, anyone can take the code and create their own versions, called "forks."
LiteDiceA basic verifiable betting game using LiteCoins. To play all you need to do is send your bet to one of the addresses listed and your winnings will be returned instantly. Make sure you are using a client where you control the address your bet is sent from as the payout will be returned to the same address.  Basically a clone of SatoshiDice, but Litecoin-style.
Litecoin KamikazeA provably fair Litecoin guessing game!
NameJack21BlackJack site that uses Namecoin, sister site to BitJack21.
SolidCoin GamesWebsite that offers 3 different games, and by the look of the interface, probably more games in the future.  It is entirely played with SolidCoin.  These are the games:
  • Betting.  Sort of confusing to me...  It costs 10 SC to create a bet, people decide the winner by users click on the options and each click gives 1 SC to that bet.  Whoever wins will get their respective share of the opposite bets placed, there is a 1% fee taken from the losing bets.
  • Lucky Wheel.  Place bets on the number or color you think will win and then click the lucky wheel to start it spinning! The number it stops on is the winning number. Each bet you place costs 1 SolidCoin.  There are different payout amounts, for example betting on 1 number pays 11.6:1 but betting on 4 numbers pays out 2.88:1.
  • Coin Toss.  Click on either heads or tails to place a bet. You will lose 1 SolidCoin for every bet placed and win 2 if you get the right answer.  You have a 46% chance of winning!
BTCLot.comLottery site that lets users play with Bitcoin, SolidCoin, or Litecoin.  System where a user can create a bet with anyone about anything.  They also provide daily lotteries and public bets.  Upon registering I discovered that there is also BTCLot poker as well, the site looks pretty basic but it could be fun.
LTC GamingCasino dedicated to Litecoin!
LTC-PlayLTC-Play is your number one online litecoin casino. We are delivering fun and great winnings reliable since 2010!  They offer the following games:

  • Roulette
  • BlackJack
  • Higher or Lower Card Game
  • Scratch Card
  • Coin Toss
  • 6 different Slots
  • Yahtzee Tournaments
  • more to come... especially tournamet games with a huge jackpot!
LTC-LotteryThe concept of the game is pretty simple. There is a lottery every hour and 1 out of 10 tickets (10% of total tickets) are winning an amount of LTC. The more tickets a user buys the more are the chances for him to win a ticket.  Fee of 0.1 LTC per transaction.

Tor Hidden Services ^
NakaBotA Bitcoin game of chance offering a break-even percentage of over 98.74% on each game, and a progressive jackpot to give players a second chance to win. On top of that, (most) players are automatically entered into Last Player Standing (details), a rapid jackpot offering players a third chance to win.

Alternative Lists ^
mem's bitcoin gambling websites lista quality-over-quantity list which mem tests and rates each site.  n00b-friendly!
betwithbtc.comGoWest's website showcasing a selection of bitcoin gambling websites.
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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Nice list.  I think you got most of them.  Here's mine: - bitcoin buy/sell classifieds forum

Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Thanks for the list. I can answer any questions about our service:

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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Thank you for compiling this list. Here is another new casino site:

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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Thank you for compiling this list. Here is another new casino site:
There ya go Diamond, right up top! :) founder

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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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BTC Lot Poker

BitPonzi is online so I added a description for 'em.
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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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BC Casino

Added more information about Luckycoin Casino and increased the size of the site names.

Added alt-coin section, including SolidCoin Games
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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Added more info about S/L Doubler and Bitcoin randomizer. founder


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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Totally Anonymous Account
To become a member of is not required to share personal information, just e-mail address is sufficient. Without a limitation, you can join us from anywhere in the world with confidence.

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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
« Reply #10 on: December 20, 2011, 05:42:19 am »

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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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List updated. founder

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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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List updated:

Newbie Lottery added.

Jackpot Dice back online, added description. 

Added report about

Added pyramid schemes section.

Added Bitcoin Pyramid.

Added BTC Matrix.
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Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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please see my post here concerning several scam sites listed - bitcoin buy/sell classifieds forum

Re: Bitcoin Gambling Websites
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