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New alt-coin! BBQCoin is here!
« on: July 25, 2012, 12:56:07 am »
Hey!  There's a new alt-coin that's going to be shaking up the exchanges: BBQCoin!

BBQCoin started as a programmer project but gained popularity with miners, BBQCoin is a fork of the Litecoin network.  They don't seek to replace any existing currency, just co-exist with them and see where the market goes.

This is a BRAND NEW release, like weeks old, but the software has been created and the network is alive.

More details will be available soon! will be there to break the news!

edit: Ah, I found the OP on, here it is :

Hi !

After some problems, and a few time to test it, I'm happy to announce BBQCoin 

This new *coin is not made for be traded, sell/buy. It's just for "fun". I have spent too much time to share it only with my friends, so i'm saying here his existance
The main website will be on (not yet done) We will have an abe explorer too is now opened, thanks to Someguy and D34TH, and if I have time, I will open a PPLNS pool (Merged mining ?)

New updates on this topic soon

Get source on
For compiled versions, just wait for users to make them, and send it to me.

We just got an IRC chan for experimenting and status about building, #bbqcoin on freenode
A pool will be opened soon.

So that having been said, the original author of the project says that the coin is not to be traded, but just for "fun."  This is opposite than what I heard from people in the #bbqcoin channel on freenode, where they were avidly trying to get BTC-e and other exchanges to start trading it. 

We'll see what happens!
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Re: New alt-coin! BBQCoin is here!
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FYI: BBQCoin died a horrible, horrible death. founder - bitcoin buy/sell classifieds forum

Re: New alt-coin! BBQCoin is here!
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