Author Topic: [WTS] EVE Online characters (6 in total all useful), assets, ISK, Moros |for BTC  (Read 801 times)

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Hello all I have played the mmo EVE Online for about three to four years now. Im currently in college so im not gonna have time to play games like EVE Online that require a lot of time to play. Here is a very basic list of what you would get I can PM you the detailed character sheets if you are interested. (Two Accounts, three toons on each one)
Char 1 Main (39MIL SP) - Well rounded sup cap pilot. This is the toon I used as my main character.

Char 2 Dread alt (24MIL SP)- Maxed T2 Siege Moros toon. This character is purely focused for flying the moros.

Char 3 BR Alt (2.5MIL SP)- This character can fly T2 haulers.

Char 4 (19MIL SP)- Tengu, loki, cov ops Was used as a webbing loki but has cov ops 5 and can use t2 bomb launchers.

Char 5 (6.5MIL SP)- This toon was trained to fly a Vindicator effectively in a Incursion setting. So this character if put in a vindi can make you some pretty great isk if you hop into an Incursion. Can use T2 Large blasters.

Char 6 (1.2MIL SP)-  Cyno / Market trader

Major assets: Moros on moros toon, full midgrade snakes on main toon

Liquid ISK on accounts combined: ~9.8B

Account 1 is subbed for 20 more days Account 2 is dead atm.